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  1. The situation in the U.K. gets sadder every day. Those poor Brits have no Second Amendment, no NRA or any EFFECTIVE voice to speak or act on their behalf.

    Just one example why one can NEVER give one inch to those who would infringe on our rights. The Brits were led to believe that disarming the populace would make them safer. Now this idea has been carried to the absurd.

    We all should be aware that any government, if allowed, will infringe on even the most basic human rights.
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    The brits need a little "change" in their govt. Let's teach them how to throw a proper Tea party and then lend aid to those fighting for freedoms we take for granted.

  4. WAS THE WALKING STICK a sword or hidden shot gun? The 74 year old man must have been a trained stick fighter his brain was the weapon. We are not going to make it at this rate.

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    If that walking stick growled at those nasty Bobbies then I want one! I could have it growl at my real dog to get her off the bed!

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    I see these guys like this around all the time - standing outside Piccadilly's, puffing on their pipes. Who knows what they're smoking in those pipes? Then they get into those giant 1990s Lincolns and Cadillacs and go puttering down the street...looking for marks or houses they might want to rob, probably. That elevator music they're listening to is just a cover. We absolutely can't have these dangerous individuals carrying canes around.
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