Wal-mart no longer selling firearms or ammo?
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Thread: Wal-mart no longer selling firearms or ammo?

  1. Angry Wal-mart no longer selling firearms or ammo?

    So, I went into a local Wal-mart yesterday looking for some silhouette targets. Silly me. They didn't have any! Is this normal for Wal-mart? I could have sworn that a few years ago they had these. Yes, it's been a long time since I was looking for these at a Wal-mart, but it seems incredible to have changed so much in that amount of time.

    While I was there I noticed that this Wal-mart has decided to stop selling firearms. Can't even get an airsoft there anymore. The nice gentleman at the counter said that it was their intention not to re-stock, due to liability concerns. He was about as happy about it as I was. There were only two rifles left. They're also low on ammo.

    Are there any lawyers on this board? Can someone really hold Wal-mart liable for some kind of crime if they sold the firearm? I would think that would be impossible as long as they follow laws concerning age, etc. . . . Maybe they don't believe their employees will do their job?

    If I go to the other side of town they have a selection of firearms and ammo - with no obvious intention to stop selling them, but still no silhouette targets. . .

    Now granted I can understand that there are many places to buy firearms, and some folks might not want to get them at Wal-mart. . . . . but I must admit I was a little shocked. What would Sam Walton say? He must be rolling over in his grave.


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    No, Walmart does not sell silhouette targets. They never have at any the ones in my state any way. As for the guns and ammo the Super Center in my town no longer sells guns. But they still sell airsoft,paintball,and BB guns,as well as muzzle loaders. They also still sell ammo and will not stop selling that any time soon as alot of people buy it from them. As for the guns they are taking them out of store's that do not have the sales to keep them around.


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    the one's in my area also stopped selling guns. that kind of ticked me off because they had some pretty good deals on some good guns. as for ammo, they are still selling it and I hope that does not change anytime soon.
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    I can see it now, a bunch of people walking around with W.W.S.W.S. bracelets

    What Would Sam Walton Say

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    The super wall mart on the black side of town does not sell any firearms products.Where is the naacp and all the black hero's? This is a insult.Lots of really good black people here.

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    We have two Walmarts in town. One sells long guns and one sells only ammo. Neither one sells silhouette targets.

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    No silhouette targets at any of the 4 walmarts in my area, but they sell everything else, guns, ammo, crossbows, etc... you can get your rifle, ammo and a 12 pack of beer all at the same time.. lol
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  9. I don't know about silhouette targets since I buy 'em elsewhere, but all three of the WMs within range of me sell guns a'plenty.

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    Our Wal-Mart stores sell paintball and air guns as well as the related supplies. AFAIK, they never sold firearms or related items here in PRHI.

    Sport's Authority OTOH used to sell handguns, rifles and shotguns as well as a nice selection of ammunition. They have since discontinued selling handguns, but still carry ammo and related items.

    A BIG part of the "liability concerns" of large retailers like Wal-Mart isn't necessarily from selling the items to law abiding citizens as much as it is from internal theft and use of the ill gotten gains. A few private investigators I work with filled me in on a couple of cases they worked where employees would steal CASES of ammunition and sometimes a firearm or two would turn up "missing" during their inventory count.

    It's more of a matter of cutting their losses rather than stopping the sale of firearms and ammo across the board.

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    To answer your question about liability, yes, anti gun groups have attempted to sue gun stores for crimes committed with guns sold there. You may remember a couple of years ago when New York mayor Michael Bloomberg sent people undercover to gun shops in Georgia with the intention of suing them for selling to people they shouldn't have sold to. Yes, even though it's impossible to read the mind of a prospective gun buyer and know what they're going to do once they walk out of the door, gun stores have indeed been sued apparently because they didn't do a good enough job of determining the intentions of gun buyers.

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