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Thread: How much ammo should we keep on hand

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    I have started to see some renewed interest in this topic. Since the price is about as low as it is likely to go, how much should we stock up?

    Some thoughts are:
    1. How much to make it through the next shortage?
    2. How much, and of what kind, to make it through a firefight? firefights?
    3. How much, just because the price is good and it's a good investment.

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    I make it a practice to buy a box every time I go out. A box of one caliber this time, a different caliber the next time until I feel I have enough on hand. I haven't reached that point yet so I continue to buy. The two calibers I buy the most of are 9mm and .40 cal.

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    Rock bottom minimum 10 cases
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewlyEnthused View Post
    Got a dumb question. Are we talking defensive ammo or practice ammo. I have about 1000 rnds of range ammo, but only about 50 (I need to get more) of defensive ammo.
    In a SHTF environment, range ammo will do and it beats a rock every time. Just be sure to shoot twice. I'm not knocking HP self defense ammo but range ammo goes bang too and hole is a hole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerbob View Post
    Food & water 1st, medical & hygiene 2nd, firearms & ammo 3rd and fuel 4th.
    That sounds reasonable and thoughtful though I would change the order. Number 3, firearms and ammo goes to the front. Like the 2a it protects the others.
    As far as ammo.... If I owned any guns I would think minimum would be 3,000 rounds for each caliber especially in a SHTF scenario. You can replace box by box what you shoot at the range.
    For everyday self defense carry ammo, that depends how much you practice with it. Remember in a SHTF situation range ammo is self defense ammo and less costly considering the thousands you want on hand.
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  7. My ammo supply is based on what I'll be carrying when the SHTF. I have many different calibers but I'll probably barter/sell most of them if I have to be mobile. Therefore 1000 rds each of 9mm, .22 and 7.62x39, 750 rds of .45 and 250 12 gauge. The rest of my ammo supply is at least 250 per caliber for target practice purposes or holding down the fort if I'm stationary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praetorian View Post
    My ammo supply is based on what I'll be carrying when the SHTF. I have many different calibers but I'll probably barter/sell most of them if I have to be mobile.
    You are going to barter.sell ammo that might be used against you?
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    These type of questions are difficult, if not impossible to put any type of accurate number on. It's like asking how much food should I have, or how much cash should I keep on hand for emergencies? There is no definitive answer. Whatever makes YOU comfortable would be a good assessment. How many guns do you have, and how much, and how often do you shoot them? For example, a lot of people own just a couple of guns, and make it to the range once a month if that. They are not going to require anywhere near the ammunition that someone who shoots a couple of times a week, and owns dozens of different caliber and gauge firearms will require.


    Now that I'm retired I shoot more, and at the same time live on a fixed income. So because of that I "stockpiled" plenty of ammunition and reloading components for all of my weapons. Back when I was working I shot much less, and could afford to purchase more ammo and reloading components. So my requirements have changed. As has my "stash". Everyone is different. Yes, because of the shortages generated by communists getting into office, and several high body count school shooting over the last few years, people in general are stockpiling more. It makes them feel better. But again it all depends on the individual, where they live, along with what they themselves can afford. Those are a lot of variables that make it difficult to place any kind of accurate number on.

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    As this year I have some different types of guns, defensive ammo has changed. Now it includes spam cans of .30-06 along with the 7.62X54R. But it still is better than 1000 rounds per caliber or per gun depending. And have added .38 Super to the 1911s. Upgraded the mags for the MPA-10 in .45ACP and AR-15 9mm Carbine to 50 rounders too. Too bad the guns all fell overboard 12/31/2014 while out fishing.
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    Always an interesting question and I like to see the responses...I believe in at the very least 1000 rounds per weapon. But that's just me. I know of a friend of a friend that purchased 100K rounds of .556 a month or so ago. I can't do that. I also know of people that think anything more than a couple of boxes of bullets you are border line crazy. I purchase what I can afford and store safely and only a few know just how much. I have bought more than most possibly but I HAVE never sold anything I have purchased. I am not a hoarder or profiteer. I'm just not going to run out. I saw it in 2007/2008 when Bummer was running for office, ammo was scarce and again in 2012/2013 with Sandy hook. Yeh, we have ammo now but prices really aren't the best. Just remember....2016 will be here before you know it. No telling what is going to happen if the ugly ***** runs. Just be prepared fella's is all I can say.

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