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Thread: AK Bullet Ice Cube Tray

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Thats awesome
    I agree!

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    I think I am going to buy this. I love this!

    In Massachusetts, I am sure these are illegal!

    I might be deemed "UNSUITABLE" for these ice cubes and way too young to own them. They will probably knock my ice cube trays down to a CLASS B Ice tray and restrict it to only a few cubes. Gotta love Mass! (Not)
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    I should have ordered a couple when I first saw them. Looks like they are out of stock!

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    Be great for the next range get together. Think I might order one.

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    I was tempted, but then noticed that the site and products are in the UK - and given their draconian gun laws, I just can't bring myself to support them.

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