Something for the ladies, and the men who love them!
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Thread: Something for the ladies, and the men who love them!

  1. Something for the ladies, and the men who love them!

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    I'd like to hear what the Bradys would say about this incident. Way to go!

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    A very moving audio clip. At least the dispatcher didn't tell her to get rid of the gun. I half way expected her to tell her to shoot him when he came through the door.
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    There are no gunshots on the tape?? It says he was shot 3 times??


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    If more ladies did the same thing, we would have fewer perverts walking around. She did the right thing for sure.

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    She sent him on to his eternal reward. I am glad this story had a happy ending. If she had been depending on the police to rescue her she would be dead.
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    This incident shows once again that each of us is responsible for our own safety. LEOs can't be everywhere and a two- minute response time can seem like an eternity to a victim. Two minutes is more than enough time for someone to kill you.

    Bravo to the victim and the 911 dispatcher - both handled this very well.
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    This video gave me goosebumps. I really felt for the woman being attacked. She sounded so scared (made me feel bad for her). I am glad this guy got plugged 3 times. Good for her! I did not hear any shots. Did they leave those out? Just wondering.
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  10. Something for the ladies

    I believe there were three gunshots on the audiotape of the 911 call. Most people have no idea that gunshots do not record as sounding like gunshots, which is why Hollyweird has to use sound effects in the movies to dub in what sounds to the viewer as what a gun sounds like. Her cries of "Oh, my god," at the end of the tape are without a doubt, her normal reaction to the reality of just having taken a life. An activity that is not natural and highly upsetting to any normal human being. I applaud the victim for having the ability to defend herself, and not just freezing and allowing the attacker to disarm her. The Dispatcher did a good job of handling the call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoomChick View Post
    she did the right thing but, she shouldn't have had to retreat in her own home! more people need to hear this. ones that say this couldn't happen to me and anti gun people.
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