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  3. I tried it at the last Orlando Gun Show, and did not like it. For me it is uncomfortable the way the firearms sit on your leg when you are seated and too difficult to present from concealment.
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    About 10 years ago I had a similar holster that would work with a digital pager. It's sort of an update of an old idea.

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    Such holsters conceal well but getting the gun out of the holster quickly is difficult, particularly if the pants are tight fitting.

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    I bought one about a year ago. It was medeiocre with jeans. But with Kakhis It looked like you were trying to smuggle a banna in your pants. It's also a universal fit holster, (fit both my G23 and 1911) but they were difficult to get out quickly. Also the clip was too small for my regular work belt let alone my gun belt. just my $.02

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