The poor kid was fired from Papa John's in Lufkin, TX for defending his life. Here is the story:
Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Fends Off Would-Be Robbers - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

I invite you to write a letter to the Papa John:

John Schnatter
2002 Papa Johns Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40299

This is what my letter will say:

Dear Mr. Schnatter,

The Papa John's in Lufkin Texas had fired an employee for defending his life from murderous robbers. Instead of commending him, Papa John's has fired him for violating the corporate weapons policy. You might be surprised to find that the right to self-defense is a basic human right. This employee had a legal gun permit that required an extensive police background check in order to attain. Statisically, it is probably more likely for you to win the lottery than for you to be attacked by people who have passed this extensive background check at the age of 21 (the legal age to get a gun license in Texas). Per 2006 statistics from the Dept of Public Safety (police) in Texas, the general population over age 21 is 8 times more likely to commit assault than a concealed handgun licensee. The general population over age 21 is 63 times more likely to commit robbery than a licensee. 2 percent of Texans are licensees. We have friends and family. Therefore, if we were to boycott Papa John's, then you should be prepared to lose about 8 to 10 percent of your business in Texas. Various internet forums serve as a free and easy method to organize such boycotts. I invite you to hire back the poor pizza delivery driver back and pay him any applicable lost wages. Failure to do so by Dec 11 will result in a boycott. I genuinely love eating Papa John's pizza and I want to continue ordering your pizza. That's why I am doing this. I invite you to do the right thing. If you are concerned about your insurance premiums, then just show them the Dept of Pub Safety statistics and change the language to ban only UNLICENSED weapons. If your insurance carrier will not go for it, then contact the NRA's insurance. I'm sure they will be more than happy to replace your current insurer. All of this legal stuff takes time, but rehiring that delivery driver will only take a 1 minute phone call to Lufkin, Texas.

Dept of Pub Safety Stats:
Texas DPS - Conviction Rates Reports

NRA Insurer:
NRA Endorsed Insurance - Contact Us

Thank you for doing the right thing,

An avalanche of letters to corporate cannot be ignored. I invite you to do so now! PM me a copy of your letter and I will mail the first few letter writers a coupon for pizza after Papa Johns rehires this kid.

PM if you want to eat free pizza for just wearing red white and blue clothes and an empty open carrry holster in front of the Pappa John's in Lufkin, Texas.

If you'd like to verify if he got fired, then call the Lufkin Papa John and ask for yourself:
(936) 634-6611

Thanks for writing a letter to Papa John and letting all your friends and family know to boycott Papa Johns.

Much appreciation,