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    Sig P220 review

    Hey guys.

    Finally got a chance this weekend to take my Sig to the range for the first time. Ran a couple hundred rounds through it. AMAZING firearm!! Felt so awesome in my hand. Some people told me the .45 had nasty recoil, I found this was not the case at all, I loved it. Not one jam or anything. I had nice groups, I was happy with my shooting for the day (need improvement, need to practice more). This is my first SIG product and I must say I already want to go out and buy another.

    A question I have, where do you guys buy your ammo in bulk?

    Thanks guys!

    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

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    Good question! I've been checking out some online bulk ammo sites but it would be nice to know if others had anything good or bad to say about them.

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