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Thread: Shouldn't Bank Tellers Be Armed?

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    I'm thinking that you mean that bank guards, and not armored car guards, aren't armed. I've never seen an armored car employee unarmed. I don't buy into your reasoning 100%. If all that is required for bank guards not to be armed is the fact that the money is insured, then why are armored car employees armed?

    I've seen armored car personnel in TN and GA who weren't armed. It was surprised, but figured that there was some reason behind it. Here in PRHI there's an armored car company that sends out their personnel with revolvers that have no cylinder. In the holster, the revolvers look great. I hate to see what would happen if they were to ever get into a shoot out type situation.

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    If all that is required for bank guards not to be armed is the fact that the money is insured, then why are armored car employees armed?
    Armored car company's are contracted by the bank, so there's no liability on the banks part for a misplaced bullet.

    Robberies involving armored cars usually involve very large sums of money, whereas the typical bank robbery is for a few thousand dollars.

    If I were going to try and knock off an armored car, I'd try to ambush them in a remote area. The robbery would involve bad guys and armed guards, but no civilians or witnesses.
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  4. Shouldn't bank tellers be armed?

    I have to agree with GF on this one, the money in a bank is insured by a federal agency, and the bank's liability would be crippling if a teller shot someone trying to stop a robbery. Usually, armored car guards I ahve seen carry money bags in one hand and their pistol in the other. Actually, bank robbery is a pretty stupid crime. If you awant to take a bank, become proficient with computers. the average bank heist nets the crook about $2,000 at great risk, and most are eventually captured. Using computers, a criminal can net millions and never be suspected. On a television program the other night, they showed a system in use in the UK. The teller pushes a button that does two things. It sounds a silent alarm a thte policestation and a wall pops up between teller and crook in less than a second. They showed a BG who had tried to jump the counter. The wall pinned his neck to the ceiling until it was released. He lived, but he probably had to plead in sign language for a few days. I heard about a quick-thinkiing teller who initialed the hold-up note and told the BG he had to get it approved by the branch manager and pointed to his desk. She then tripped the silent alarm.
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  5. Absolutely not. I think about my bank tellers and have to change my answer to ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY NOT.

    I don't want to be next in line when some newly baptized CCW teller cuts loose on a bandit. No way.

    Put in the b/p glass. Protect them that way. But no guns.

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