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Thread: If You Could Carry Anything What Would It Be?

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    I would carry what I already carry. Smith and wesson 44 magnum, either my daily carry, a 6.5" 629 classic in a sourdough holster, usually inside the waistband, or my Sunday go to meeting or barbeque gun, a pre model 29 4" 44 magnum, nickel plated, with custon grips. Gold hammer and trigger. Floral carved holster. Outside the waistband, under my sports coat.

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    I'd carry something in a .50 caliber
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    I'll stick with my G23

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    Like my present handgun - Steyr S9. Would add FN P90 if legal considerations did not interfere.
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    If I could carry anything.....or had to choose...

    Anything Glock.....durability, reliability, ease of use, easy to strip, clean and reassemble. GLOCK.

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    I would carry a HK 416 along with an springfield xd in .45 and a small khar as a back up

  8. Handheld tactical nukes?

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  10. The moonraker

  11. Something along these lines......or an HK USP w/ silencer.

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