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Thread: What Do You Look For In A Gun?

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Reliability, caliber, then looks

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    Reliability, accuracy, aesthetics, in that order. Although Reliability/accuracy are nearly equally important.

    That being said, very few guns are actually ugly to me :)
    Although there is something about a 1911 that's just classy (No, I don't have one...yet).

    Berreta 92/M9/Taurus 92 are nice looking as well. At least IMO, good thing too since that's what I've got currently.
    Taurus PT92
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  4. What do you look for?

    Squisher, after I left the department I worked for in Arizona, the issued Beretta 92's to everyone. Big heavy gun, little tiny bullet. When we were allowed to carry what we wished, after having it checked by the department armorer, I carried the S&W 4506. For off duty I carried a strange little pistol called a COP. It was a four-shot .357 magnum that had four barrels that all fired to the same point of aim at about 30 feet. It had no external safeties or anything else to ruin the lines of this little stainless pistol that at first glance looked like an auto. It had an internal striker that rotated 90 degrees for the next shot.. I look for reliability first. If it doesn't go bang every time I pull the trigger, it is of no use to me. I know that just about any quality firearm can shoot better than the person holding it, out of the box, so accuracy is not a big point. I do demand a major caliber. I carry a .45ACP now, with a 180 grain hollow point. I don't care if it looks as ugly as home made soap, if it works every time and has a heavy enough round to stop any possible bad guy, I am happy as a clam at high tide.
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    100% reliability

    100% reliability
    100% reliability
    100% reliability
    and finally
    100% reliability

    HK in a world of compromise...some don't

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    Fit and reliability.
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    it has to be reliable.. don't want to hear "click" when you want to hear "boom". comfort is up there too. has to feel like it fits, like it belongs there. and can't say no to a pretty gun... girl?? gun??.. yeah gun.. or girl... wait... hmmm... oh well..
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    Purpose, Reliability, Accuracy.
    Semper Fi

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    Great sense of humor!

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    1. Reliability - needs to deliver without failure.
    2. Durability - must last for the long haul.
    3. Feels good; not cumbersome or awkward.
    4. I prefer at least the color of a normal slice of toast or darker; just an aesthetic choice. For guns, it's important IMO to avoid glare in a tactical situation.
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    It has to fit, if it is dependable and I can't hold it or lift it, it isn't good for me. I am no wall flower but I need my tools to perform for me, not some 6 ft dude that doesn't have the same issues I have. Men aren't usually toting around kids with a purse and carrying the drinks or jackets.

    Just carrying a gun is never just carrying. If I have to pull it out I have to have something workable in all my situations.
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