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Thread: Are you buying?

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    Are you buying?

    We're all aware that over the last couple of years firearms and ammo prices have been steadily rising. Mostly this has been due to economic factors and notably the sky rocketing prices for metals.
    However, with the results of the election, we now have a new factor, fear. Fear of what our new president and a democratic controled congress might do to our gun rights.
    Several friends have mentioned that they will no longer put off that future planned firearm purchase and do it now while they still can. Others are running out and purchasing sport utility rifles or handguns before they get banned. Still others are stocking up on ammo and reloading supplies.
    In the past two weeks I've been to two gun shows. Only one week apart, however the election fell during that week. The difference was striking. Prices for firearms and ammo have taken quite a jump in that short time. Most notably I realized that the prices on AR type rifles had gone up as much as $200 since the election.
    The news is reporting brisk sales at gun shops since last Tuesday. On some of the other gun forums there are reports of shops selling completely out of military style rifles. Semi-auto handguns are going fast too.
    Its odd, but we seem to doing the antis job for them. The next administration strikes fear into gun owners. Gun owners in turn start panic buying. Panic buying drives up prices. Before long we're going to price ourselves out of our hobby.
    But then, do we really have a choice? Dare we wait to see what's going to happen when by then it may already be too late?
    In my own case, I had a bit of cash stashed away in hopes of adding a nice old collectable to my safe. However, after seeing what's happening, I've decided the money would be better spent stocking up on powder, primers and bullets before the prices get out of reach. Guns I've got, ammo prices are rising fast.

    How about you? Are you buying?

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    Guns I got. More I want and hope to get. More ammo for sure.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    I have a small stock of ammo, and will purchase amounts adequate for my trips to the range. I also need to replenish my reloading supplies, but am not planning any end-of-the-world type purchases.

    As funds come available, I'll by more firearms, but I'm not skipping any bills to get one before the Dem-heavy government does something I won't like. My real reason is because I want to own one of each. Now THAT will be Celebrating Diversity.

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    Frankly, we're looking at at least a year before some big gun grab scheme could be instituted. Gun prices and ammo prices I expect will go down in the next few months and then climb again if gun bans are proposed.

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    It's unlikely they're going to do anything for a while. In the meantime, everyone get your overpriced lowers...that means when demand is totally saturated after a while, they'll be really cheap for me!

    Several things have to happen first. To begin with, Obama has to actually get inaugurated, and that's not until January. They also need to get a comfortable hold on Congress and reduce the influence of NRA lobbyists. That's why we need to support the gun lobby more than ever, and let NRA know that they need to have some backbone, and not compromise again!

    They'd probably also prefer to get a workable majority in SCOTUS; otherwise, passing AWB II would be no good, as someone would immediately fight it all the way, and it would probably fall in our favor. Obama wouldn't want that. I wouldn't put it past him and his goons to spring this on us ASAP. Realistically though, it might be a second term kind of thing, because it's not going to be popular and it's an issue that will galvanize conservatives against him.

    Obama needs a few "wins" under his belt - examples of success that he can use to show that he's not totally incompetent - before he goes after anything that's going to draw thousands of protesters into the streets.
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    Can't really afford any more guns right now. However, I'm definitely interested in learning to handload.

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    Just bought 2nd AR, looking for 3rd. Have many of the small AR parts necessary for field fixes. Have all the long range bolt rifles. Have all types of hand guns from Bolt XP and Strikers, pistols, revolvers, all the way down to a sw642.

    Reloading components are adequate. However should get 20 more #s of powder and 5000+ .224 bullets plus 5000 more small rifle primers. 30 cal and 7mm components are golden.

    I will buy before 09. The easiest place for the Communist administration to hurt the firearms industry is ammo.
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    I did buy a new AR rifle the week before the election. The day of the election I ordered 200 rounds of ammo for it. i would like to have more ammo and a few more 30 round magazines. I figure the magazines will be the first thing they try to ban.

    I need to get some 223 reloading dies. Surely they won't ban reloading supplies.

    Tattedupboy there really isn't very much to reloading. It is scary at first, but it is quite simple. If you have not already read it I posted a brief description of the steps on the reloading/ammo page. Last year the Lee Anniversary kit was not unreasonably priced ( I haven't checked this year) and it has almost everything you need except the individual dies.

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    I have a good sampling of the various firearms so will probably stock up on ammo.

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    I have more than enough firearms but if I see something I like I'll add it to my collection. Right now I'm stocking up on ammo that I'm low on. I just bought a large reloading setup from an estate and in the process adding it to my setup. It had a few presses, a large quantity of powder, bullets, brass, primers and loaded ammo. Also a large quantity of factory ammo. i first passed it up but after the election I decided I had better grab it before someone else did.
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