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    I bought several firearms from "Franklin's of Athens" several years ago. I pointed the sign out to them and the guy behind the counter laughed. He stated it was there to meet insurance requirements. I was advised that if I kept my guns concealed and holsterd, there would be no problems in their store. If I wanted to check the fit of my gun in a holster, etc, I would have to bring my gun into the store "cased and unloaded". From what the guy told me, they had some problems at other gun shops where there were NDs' when customers attempted to fit a loaded gun into a holseter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryarush View Post
    IDK if they meet the legal requirement, I'd have to check. Generally, I avoid places that prohibit CC whether or not their sign meets the requirement. I have asked a couple of them, and it was "policy" is the best answer I got. I'm only really close to one of these dealers and I ignore the sign and keep my pistol in my purse. Most often I'm there browsing for long periods with the boys, and I even let them keep my purse behind the counter so I don't have to lug it around.

    I think its a bit absurd that they do it, regardless of specifically why. Partic if they are doing to discourage potentially careless individuals, as I'm not sure they should have a gun to begin with. Oi!
    This discussion came up on a different forum a few months back. In most cases, we found the owners were only refering to firearms being returned, brought in for repair, or for use on their ranges. The signs were not intended to affect CC. Two of the stores we got answers from were BassPro and Cabela's. There was another large chain sporting goods place that responded, but we don't have one near here, and I can't remember the name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrellM5 View Post
    I don't think they really care if you're carrying concealed. A lot of people visiting gun stores don't know much about guns and especially gun safety. Some of them are bringing their guns in to find a holster that fits or get an accessory for it or to get it worked on. A sign saying that guns should be unloaded makes a lot of sense from a safety standpoint. I'll bet if you ask any gun store owner, they'll say they don't mind if you are carrying concealed.

    I'm pretty sure that, being the experts they are, they'll check for themselves to see if the weapons are loaded before doing any work on them.

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    Gun stores get their fair share of half-wits and mall ninjas coming in; those people are unfortunately a danger to everyone in their path. Stores put up the signs for insurance purposes, but also to discourage idiots from doing anything stupid on the property.
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    FYI, In Texas unless there is a pursuant 30.06 sign (Texas Department of Public Safety - Courtesy, Service, Protection) then there is no leagality to a plain no loaded weapons sign. I have not yet been to a range or gun shop that has a legal sign. I have seen the Texas legal sign at the local gun show (which makes no sense BTW) but what are you going to do. I am not telling anyone to break the law, but if your weapon is properly concealed then what is the problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    Gun stores get their fair share of half-wits and mall ninjas coming in; those people are unfortunately a danger to everyone in their path. Stores put up the signs for insurance purposes, but also to discourage idiots from doing anything stupid on the property.
    Believe me...there are plenty of idiots out there.
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    Knowing how insurance companies work, i'm sure a lot of companies require the sign If the store owner didn't have it up the ins. company might avoid paying a claim or liability suit. I understand the safety issue to but I think most gun shops around here are cool about it. Especially if you cc. Most will never know you got one on you. It is weird though that some shops won't allow it though. I agree it should be a safe haven for gun carrier's and owners. If i had a shop it would be welcomed.

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    Our local Cabeleas requires all guns to be unloaded and carried to the gun counter by an employee. On the other hand, I happen to know that if it's concealed they'll have no problem with it (basically if the other customers can't tell you have it, they don't care). They really are only concerned with their other customers in the store being uncomfortable with open carry. I work partime there at night in receiving, I'm unable to carry as an employee even with my permit though. It's the only store I make a point to not carry in, simply because of my employment.

    The Sportsman's Warehouse in town has a similar rule, as well as a large independant, Black Sheep. I carry in both concealed and don't worry about it. None of the smaller shops seem to post it at all, but this is a very gun friendly area to begin with.

    I only pocket carry with my LCP, so I don't print. That way I never worry about my shirt hiking up and anything showing. Others may not worry about that but I like the confidence no one knows it's there. The smaller caliber is a tradeoff for me for this purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capo2186 View Post
    Believe me...there are plenty of idiots out there.
    which is why I am pretty much always carrying concealed. unless I have to walk through a metal detector or something..
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    The shop where I bought my latest pistol has a sign on the front door saying "No loaded guns allowed!" And I'm really not sure exactly what that means. I can see the safety aspect, but if you are carrying, then it makes no sense. If I am carrying concealed, I wouldn't say anything, anyway. But I wouldn't patronize that place if they specifically told me I was not welcome with my concealed weapon.

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