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Thread: How much extra ammo do you carry?

  1. My usual carry is a SIG auto so I normally carry one spare magazine but not specifically for the added ammo. ;)

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    I turned an old cell phone belt pouch into a carrier for an extra mag. I keep 1 in the pipe, + 10 in the grip.....then I have another 10 on my belt for backup. To answer the question, I carry one extra mag.
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    I carry an extra mag for my primary weapon but I don't carry an extra one for my BUG. I also keep extra ammo in my vehicle.
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    10 + 1 in the gun and 2 extra mags for 31 rds total. Usually also a 5 or 6 shot .38 revolver and a tacti-cool folder or Cold Steel Desperado.
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  6. M&P 9 with a 17 round mag and one spare 17 round on the belt. If it's hot out I'll leave the extra mag at home.
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    Carry a 1911 with 7 + 1 chambered, a spare mag and a Sig 232 BUG. Always have a box of 20 cartridges in the trucks glovebox for the 1911.

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    Usually carry 1-2 extra mags.

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    Extra Ammo

    One magazine. As both more rounds for the BG, and to deal with a magazine failure at a most inopportune time.
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    With G27 standard with mag 9 rounds with 1 in the pipe makes 10
    and 1 extra mag for G23 for 13 more makes a total of 23 rounds.
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    Well, fact is I usually don't carry an extra mag. Just the Makarov's 8 + 1 in the chamber.
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