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Thread: How much extra ammo do you carry?

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    For now, just what fits in what I'm carrying. If any more's needed I'm in deeper doodoo that I can handle alone, anyway, and I'd better have some Friends visiting. Currently, here in PRNJ, I only carry around the house.

    However, that's now . . . When I get to Souf' Carolina and I'm licensed it'll probably be firearm + 1 mag, and if the Taliban start making an appearance, I'll probably have so much armament on me it'll be hard to keep my pants up!!
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    I usually carry just my 'O' frame 1911 with 7+1. There is always a box of self defense ammo in the briefcase with a couple of extra magazines and a double mag. holder ready to go on my belt if I feel the need. I will soon have a Colt pocketlite 380 for back-up.

    spc :)

  4. I don't carry any extra on me but I keep 2 mags for my PX4 in 40SW in my truck. for a total of 43 rds.
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  5. How much extra ammo do you carry?

    I carry a S&W Model 36 in an ankle holster! For the opposite ankle I made my own ammo belt from a webbed belt material 2 inches wide and it straps around my leg just above my ankle and is secured with Velcro. I sewed on elastic loops and those loops hold 10 extra rounds, which is two more reloads since the Model 36 only holds 5 shots.


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    I have 1 in the chamber and 12 in the magazine, and 2 spare magazines in my truck (as well as 2 more spare in my apartment)...

  7. Depends...Lately I've been using my SmartCarry for my S&W 642 and I carry the 5 rounds in the cylinder and 2 Speed Strips w/ 5 rounds each in the "magazine" pocket for 15 rounds total. If I carry the CZ RAMI in the SmartCarry, about 1/2 the time I carry an extra 10 round mag and the other 1/2, I carry just the 10 in the gun. If I carry the RAMI in my FIST IWB, I usually don't carry an extra mag because I just can't seem to find a comfortable spot to wear the mag pouch.
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    I carry my magazine pouch on the weak side across from the pistol. This gives easy access to it without repositioning the gun hand. Like the gun, it is uncomfortable at first, but like the gun you get used to it.

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    None. My XD carries 10 in the Mag and one in the pipe for 11 rounds.
    If I can't hit the BG by the 10th one, I'd better save the last one for myself. :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    This thread is pretty straightforward. Just wondering, just as the title says, how many extra magazines (or speedloaders for those of you who carry revolvers) you carry with you? When I'm using my smartcarry I carry one spare 8-round magazine in the magazine pocket, but when I'm carrying OWB, I don't carry anything extra. However, I do security for a living, and when I'm at work, in addition to the 8 rounds I carry in my duty weapon (7 in the mag plus 1 in the chamber), I carry an 8-rounder in the magazine pouch on my holster, and two more 8-rounders in a double mag pouch for a total of 32 rounds.
    .357 Magnum 7 shot, with 2 speed loaders for a total of 21


    .45 1911 A1 9 in gun and 2 extra 8 shot Mags for a total of 25.

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  11. I carry a G19 or G26 off duty. I carry one spare G19 magazine. I have tried the G17 magazine but it dug into my side.
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