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    Far left anti rant

    Guns as a means of 'population control' - The Advocate

    Guns as a means of 'population control'
    By William A. Collins
    Article Launched: 11/16/2008 02:46:46 AM EST

    The poor Chinese just don't get it. Look at the turmoil they've suffered from putting a limit on children. Their now-famous goal was to reduce the nation's alarming population growth. Here in the United States we've adopted a much simpler technique. We merely allow people to own guns.

    And they do. Would you believe 40 percent of all households?

    Wimpy old Connecticut only reports 18 percent. Goes along with all that brie and Chablis. Only five Nutmeggers per 100,000 die of gunshot wounds each year, a paltry half the national average. Louisiana has better results - they bump off 19 per 100,000. This is fortunate because since Katrina, the housing shortage there has been a bear.

    Other jurisdictions take a less-permissive stance. They see advantages in population growth, and express annoyance when too many of their citizens suffer "lead poisoning." Washington, D.C., is one of these. It has banned handguns completely for 32 years. Nice try, but with its recent assertively conservative majority, the Supreme Court just chucked that law and granted plain folks the right to own weapons. Sighs of relief rose from the National Rifle Association and the funeral home industry.

    Not that Washington had succeeded in becoming a sweet haven from violence. Guns are portable after all, and there were no control points at the borders. But at least it was a start. New York too has always been tough on illegal firearms. It regularly and successfully sues dealers throughout the South who supply weapons used in crimes in the Big Apple. For such dealers, bending the rules can be expensive, but the profits remain too juicy to pass up.

    The Big Court, wallowing perhaps in a little frontier nostalgia, said it felt that Americans had the need of guns for hunting and self-defense. Well, sure. There's plenty of hunting in D.C., all right, but not the kind that goes with gathering. This hunting involves turf wars, busted drug deals and revenge. These in turn lead to the need for self-defense. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that the court no doubt had in mind.

    Otherwise, its logic is hard to fathom. The United States is already one of the world's most violent nations, due in no small measure to its historic affection for handguns. The NRA and savvy weapons manufacturers provide the money and lobbyists to keep that love affair alive. And it all has precious little to do with hunting or self-defense. You don't hunt deer with a .38 Police Special, and you don't have time to take your pistol from its locked cabinet and load it when you run into trouble in the street.

    No, the real stimuli for handgun ownership are machismo and profit. The profits are plain enough, heartily enjoyed right here in our own weapons-making state. The machismo is widespread in a land where SUVs are a preferred mode of transport. In many ways, America is still "Gunsmoke" country.

    The actual shooters, however, turn out to be a far different sort of folk. They peddle drugs, and they run gangs. They pull triggers a lot. No, they don't have any pull in Congress, but they don't need to. They just ride the coattails of the machos and the manufacturers. For example, the House recently voted 266-152 to override many of D.C.'s local gun restrictions, though of course none of those lawmakers actually reside there. Rather, they were responding to enthusiasts back home.

    You'll recall a crazy gun owner once put down President John F. Kennedy, and another nearly knocked off President Ronald Reagan. Thousands of lesser citizens die every year, sometimes 20 or 30 at a clip. I guess that's a small price to pay for our national fetish.

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    I just posted this comment under his article:

    "Your logic: self-defense = population control. NOT! Get a grip!"

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    What amuses me about this guy is that in article after article (he is a regular contributor to my hometown newspaper, so I've had the misfortune of reading his dribble numerous times) he makes absolutely no attempt to differentiate criminals from law abiding citizens who are protecting themselves.

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    LOL, the real shooters are Drug pushers and gang leaders. YUP YUP that's me all right. Get a grip drug deals and gang leaders do not buy there guns from store's they buy them from the black market Back ally ways and so on. So don't lump all us gun owners into the same boat. Just because some people use guns for gangs and drugs. Or shoot JFK and so on. When some one kills someone/PEOPLE with a car after a DWI do you write letters in the news calling every one who drives a mass murder? No? The truth is your a killer as well because I'm sure you drive a car/van/truck and so on to work every day. But yet i do not attack you and call you a nut job or a killer do i? Or when some one is stabbed to death do you call every one with a knife a murder? No? GROW UP so people want to own guns go cry about to Obama. There will always be killing, knife,club,gun,car as long as there is a will there is a way to kill. That guy makes me sick.


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    Well I posted my comment, like it will do any good. Once an anti has made up their mind it's hard to convince them otherwise (kind of like us I guess). I wish they would understand though it's not the good guys doing this, it's the BGs and they are the ones that should be dealt with.

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    Boy this fellow has it all figured out. Let's see, they ban firearms in DC and all is safe. Even he realizes this is not true. As I have said before, it's like recreational drugs. They are illegal and almost impossible to get.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    The good guy never wins it seems like. All of us law abiding citizens who repect weapons and people and do stuff the right way get our rights taken away because of the gang bangers and drug dealers.

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    Mr. William Collins is an illogical idiot!!!

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    Most gun deaths are suicides. This guy needs to get a grip.

    and you don't have time to take your pistol from its locked cabinet and load it when you run into trouble in the street.
    Thankfully, there is such a thing as a holster.

    No, the real stimuli for handgun ownership are machismo and profit. The profits are plain enough, heartily enjoyed right here in our own weapons-making state. The machismo is widespread in a land where SUVs are a preferred mode of transport.
    Oh yeah, that diminutive P3AT I tote around all the time is *really* macho. It's almost a crew-served weapon. I also feel really intimidating while wearing my 92 in an OWB holster, carefully concealed underneath a jacket. Not only that, but the way I manage to peaceably get out of or avoid trouble 11 times out of 10 shows that I'm definitely an apprentice to Chuck Norris.
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

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    this stuff pisses me off.. people who spew out from the mouth without facts.. why do so many anti-americans live in america?
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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