Gun mom looks to sue sheriff
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Thread: Gun mom looks to sue sheriff

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    Gun mom looks to sue sheriff

    Remember the Soccer Mom that lost her CC permit for open carry at a Soccer game. She got it back and now she is going after the Sheriff. Go Mom!

    Gun mom looks to sue sheriff - Chambersburg Public Opinion

    A Lebanon woman who achieved national notoriety when her concealed-weapon permit was taken away after she wore a gun openly to a youth soccer match has hired a lawyer to prepare for filing a federal civil lawsuit in the matter.
    Meleanie Hain claims Lebanon County Sheriff Mike DeLeo violated her constitutional rights when he confiscated her license-to-carry permit after a parent complained when Hain wore her holstered handgun to her 5-year-old daughter’s soccer game played Sept. 11 at the city’s Southwest Park.

    DeLeo said Hain showed poor judgment and created a danger by wearing her loaded Glock 26 to the youth soccer game. He justified his action to confiscate her permit on a statute of the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act that denies a permit to any “individual whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a dangerous manner to public safety.”

    Hain’s permit was returned last month after she appealed DeLeo’s action.

    Weisberg said he believes several of Hain’s rights were trampled, including her Second Amendment right to carry a firearm and elements of her Fourth Amendment right guaranteeing due process.

    “I think her case, in terms of a winning legal perspective, is more complicated than just a Second Amendment case,” he said. “It is not so easy, because it is not necessarily about the denial of her Second Amendment rights and not necessarily about the denial of due process. Rather, it is about the intent to suppress those rights. That is what makes this case so complicated.”

    Although much of the expense was offset by supporters’ donations, Hain said she was also irritated by having to pay $3,000 to defend herself at the appeals hearing.

    “It (the lawsuit) is about money, but it is not about money,” she said. “It is wrong for me to have to pay out $3,000 in attorney’s fees to get back my license when I never should have lost it in the first place.”

    If she wins any damages, Hain said, she would give the donated money to a fund kept by the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association for people who must defend themselves in cases like hers.
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  3. the sheriff was upsett because her gun was bigger than his, its called gun envy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rht4162 View Post
    the sheriff was upsett because her gun was bigger than his, its called gun envy.
    he must have a lil snub nose.....

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    I hope she wins. I was upset about this situation when it happened. I am glad she is taking action. Hopefully she wins and proves he was wrong!
    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

  6. Quote Originally Posted by capo2186 View Post
    I hope she wins. I was upset about this situation when it happened. I am glad she is taking action. Hopefully she wins and proves he was wrong!
    its just foolish that you actually HAVE to defend your rights these days. its the right to keep and bear arms not the right to keep and bear arms as long as everyones ok with it. i would also go after the poeple at the soccer game who called the cops to begin with

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    I am very happy that she is willing to stand up for her rights. To many people these days just accept things like this. Go Mom!

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    Even at the risk of playing devil's advocate, I will say that at a children's sporting event, she probably should have been carrying concealed; I feel that in certain places (day cares, children's sporting events, and libraries for instance) open carry does nothing but draw attention to oneself. Nevertheless, however one chooses to exercise RKBA, whether it is politically correct or not, is their business, and as long as they're not abusing the right (ie., intimidating or killing people for instance), then law enforcement has no right to decide that they can no longer exercise it.

  9. yea it was one sheriff, and a couple citizens, changing the rights of people? i mean, whats it coming to, im going to be wlaking through a town and a sheriff is going to come up to me and hassle me for no reason, they will draw first blood.

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    Good for her. I hope she wins.
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    It's great to see aggressive legal action like this after a gun owner who was wrong has been shown to be in the right. This should happen far more often to drive home the point that we won't be treated like doormats.
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