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Thread: I have my CCW, yet, I bought another pistol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdcleanfun View Post
    Great info, great web site reference, thanks. I hope it works the same in Nye county as it does in Washoe county. $15 is certainly affordable for a change on the cc card, especially if more than one firearm is added at the same time. Now I just have to find a different, local instructor.
    Glad it helped. I will post after Friday and let you know how it goes.

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    I'm in Nye County and that's how it worked for me.
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    Just wanted to post an update, I added all 4 new firearms to my permit without a problem. Went to the Washoe County Sheriff, filled out a little addition form, paid my $15.00, got my updated card in about 15 minutes. There were not hassles or problems.

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    Thanks for the update. Much obliged.

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    It really sucks that,every state has differant rules.

    In Washington state,you don't have to take any classes at all,or list,or qualify with any certain calibers.

    So, I would guess,that there are many people in Washington who can't shoot,but have a concealed
    weapons permit.

    But It's cool for me,being that I have spent lots of money going to shooting schools,and plus
    being a veteran of the U.S. Army, it saved me more time and money,not having to prove
    my skill level and competence with firearms. And I could buy any gun I want ,and carry it right away,
    because guns and caliber are not listed on Washington state concealed weapons permits.

    I know in parts of California,they list the guns serial number,on the CCW.That would suck,when buying a new gun.

    But the future will tell what happens next,with all the gun laws.


  7. I have my CCW

    gdcleanfun, congrats on getting your license. I am in Washington now, and have my CPL, and was very shocked to obtain it with nothing more than $55.25 and a set of fingerprints. In Arizona, to obtain a CCP, you must take a course which includes a written test you must score 100% on and a trip to the range, where you must qualify with at least a 70% score. I am not worried about my own shooting skills and knowledge, as I qualified in the police academy, in a security guard academy in California, with both a .45 auto and a .38 pistol. I also qualified every six months while I was with the sheriff's dept, and at the Arizona State Prison academy, and twice through the CCP class (one ofr renewal. In addition, I am an amateur gunsmith, a reloader, and I was on my department's pistol team. I think I don't need any additional training, but I would love to be able to afford Front Sight. It sounds as if you can have a pistol added to your permit with a qualification with it and a $15 fee. That seems very reasonable, and I wish you all the luck.
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