Best .380 I've Ever Shot!
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Thread: Best .380 I've Ever Shot!

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    Best .380 I've Ever Shot!

    Just got back from my first session with my "new" .380 semi-automatic. It blew through cheapo .380 FMJ without a glitch, more than I can say for any other .380 I've shot.

    Here's what I really like about it:

    First, it works, unlike the POS Glock .380, two of which I had to return until I finally got a full refund.

    Second, it is a great size for my XXL hands.

    Third, sights and sight picture. It uses a dot on dot stacking sight picture. Put the front white dot over the rear dot...very accurate.

    Fourth, superbly accurate. I punched all 14 round into the same one inch hole from 30 feet away, fairly rapid firing.

    Fifth, very manageable recoil, unlike the other .380s I've shot.

    Sixth, did you notice I said **14** shots? Yes, this thing has a 13+capacity!

    Seventh, DA/SA with a safety covers all the bases for safety and speed as well. The trigger in SA is fantastic, best I've ever shot.

    So, here's a picture of my BERETTA 84F the so-called "Cheetah."

    I bought it from AIM Surplus, stripped it down and gave it a good scrubbing and lubrication. It obviously spent a good bit of time in/out of a holster. The bore cleaned up to mirror finish, rifling is sharp and intact, no pitting, crown in great shape. I bought wood grips for it and am considering taking it in for a rebluing at a local Beretta authorized service center.

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    Howdy Amsdorf,

    The 84 is a very well made handgun and back in the "Day" it was standard issue for many police forces in Europe. Also was the sidearm of several officers in various militaries in Europe.

    It was very popular back before there were any of the subcompact and pocket 9mms on the market. Nowadays would be hard for me to justify carrying a handgun that was that big and heavy while only firing a .380acp round.

    Heck, most of the gun newbies do not realize that expect for the Detonics Pocket 9, there wasn't a 9mm available smaller than a S&W Model 39. Several small companies, like Devel, modified the S&W 39 by shortening the slide/barrel and the frame into a pistol the size of the 3900 Lady Smith 9mm. Even though I'm not a 9mm fan I carried one as a BUG for several years because it was the smallest semi-auto on the market that shot something more powerful than the .380acp.

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