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    Lightbulb The forgotten .22 short!

    For years I have as most do only bought .22 LR for general use, which is a great round with out doubt. However as of recent I have been fighting a varmint problem in the pole barn to the tune of 1 raccoon, and 7 opossums (two weeks) to date.

    Now Before upset any tree hugger out there, these are destructive, vicious scavengers, that will kill any small animal they deem food including your cat, my chickens N ducks, and along with red squirrels are only good for target practice. They poop everywhere, tear up your stuff, and are prime rabies carriers as well.

    Back on topic... I have as I started to say, live trapped a bunch of the varmints and not wanting to release them only to become someone else's problem needed to put them down as quickly / humanely as possible. Well the good olé .22 was the tool for this job. I decided the LR was just too much round with over penetration and frozen ground, I worried about a ricochet.

    1st try was a .22 sub sonic, (close range rat round) that was a disaster, not enough power for a good clean kill, so it was up to the gun room N check for what else I had on hand.

    There it was a partial brick (can you say 30 year old) of Federal .22 shorts, they are so quiet in the revolver you do not need any hearing protection, basically like a kids cap pistol, no recoil, and did the job needed quickly and cleanly, with no over penetration problems.

    I went "what a great little round, I wonder why I stopped using these?" for short distances, 50 yards or less this is one heck of a forgotten round.

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    You can still get 22 shorts. They are hard to find in stores but you can get them online. Check out this site. - Low Velocity Rimfire
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    You answered my question Redhat. I haven't seen any 22 shorts since I was a kid, and not many of them then. I wondered if you could still get them.

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    I see some in some local stores around here still. I don't buy them myself.. but I do see them around.
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    A 22 short rifle was my sons first gun given him by my oldest brother. He still has it.
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  7. I have been able to find 22 shorts at Gander Mountain and some of our local gun shops. If you can find them, 22 CB rounds use the same case as shorts and are about the same velocity as a high end pellet rifle while making less sound than a pellet rifle. I use them in my back yard (behind a privacy fence) with a home made back-stop for target practice with my 22 bolt rifle and revolver. I have had no problems with this round dispatching varmints such as opossums and armadillos with a head shot. I found 22 CBs at Gander also.

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    I can find .22 shorts at the local Rural King (farm supply store) of all places!
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