concealed carry from state to state??
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Thread: concealed carry from state to state??

  1. concealed carry from state to state??

    I am moving to Massachusetts next year and I already have my CCW from South Carolina. Do I have to re-apply up there for the same thing or can I just keep my same license is my question exactly? I can't find anything else on the internet really about going from state to state.

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    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to USA Carry from the Hoosier State, sunnyjim.

    As for the People's Republic of Massachusetts, out of state carry permits aren't carried there. You'll have to apply for a Class A unrestricted license, not just to be able to carry, but to be able to possess large capacity magazines.
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    good luck with it.. hopefully you won't have any problems with applying there.
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    Massachusetts does not accept a South Carolina permit so you will need to apply for a MA permit. Unfortunately they are a "may issue" state which means they can deny for any reason. Good luck.

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