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Congratulations on getting your permit.
Where do you live, that an 18.5+" barreled shotgun is considered a pistol? Just because the stock has been removed and replaced with a pistol grip, the shotgun barrel length requirement is still in effect, therefore the 500 is still a long gun and the 3 day wait for pistols won't apply. If the state truly want to call it a pistol, you can shorten the barrel to 6" if you wanted (They won't let you, so it MUST be a long gun)
Good point! However, I can see a state doing that. I wouldn't be surprised if PRMA (where I live) has something like that. If you look at some of the things people complain about on an "assault rifle" (which isn't even an assault rifle but anyways) they complain that the pistol grip feature gives a person the ability to fire the weapon from the hip. Maybe that is what the state where they reside has a law similar to this?