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Thread: Combat Vet's Shoot Down "Good Guys With Guns" idea

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    Howdy indyyy,

    Quote Originally Posted by indyyy View Post
    I reread the article and can see how some of you see it as anti gun. After San Bernardino, the recent record sales of guns that resulted, and LE in some cities encouraging permit holders to carry if they aren't already carrying and to take out shooters if they can, I read it as a suggestion to people who carry to get some training if they don't have any. The article does say several times that people who don't have training or are inexperienced are likely to do this or that.

    On the other hand, I would think that most who buy a gun for self defense do some target practice and learn how to use the gun even if they don't pay more to take a tactical training course or something more advanced. I simply can't imagine someone buying a gun and carrying it without shooting it and becoming comfortable with it first, though I've seen a few post who seem to suggest it happens all the time.
    Gee, I've been to numerous CCW classes and refresher training and was totally shock at the number of people with a CCW permit that did NOT know how to load a 5-shot revolver and these were people that were renewing their permit.

    Then there's the bunch that after shooting their target from 15' away with a 9mm, their target looked like someone shot it with a short barreled open choke shotgun from a very long distance.

    Also 99% of the people I know with CCW permits rarely carry a gun. A few keep one in their car/truck but that's only about 10%.

    Having your pistol in the truck doesn't do you any good when you're eating lunch at Luby's and a nutjob drives his Bronco through the glass window and starts shooting people.


    P.S. I didn't even bother to respond to the article because to many people on gun forums believe that they would respond to a shooting like Bruce Willis in "Die Hard".

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    "Clyde, you got three pistols and you only got one arm!" Clyde: "I don't want to get killed for lack of shooting back". Unforgiven.

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