Kudos to Springfield Armory Customer Service
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Thread: Kudos to Springfield Armory Customer Service

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    Kudos to Springfield Armory Customer Service

    I won a XDS 9mm in a Buckeye Firearms Foundation raffle.

    I had terrible failure to feed issues. I thought that I might be limp wristing so I handed it off to an instructor at my range. He had the same issues and he handed it off to a salesman that carried the XDS. He handed it off to the LDS's Gunsmith that had same issues.

    Since gun was brand new, the Gunsmith advised me to return it to Springfield. They said that they had no issues and could not replicate the issues

    I ran about 500 rounds (several manufacturers and 124 as well as 115 Gr ammo)through the gun and about 1 out of 4-6 times it wouldnt feed.

    Showed it to another Gunsmith plus anothe instructor that had years of experience. They kept replicating the problem.

    Back to Springfield.

    I got a call 2 weeks ago and they offered to replace it with a XD Mod2 double stack. It arrived Friday. I'll have range time tomorrow.

    Springfield went out of their way to make me happy and I truly appreciate their efforts

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    They have always done well if I had any issue .... one had those same problems.... they not only fixed that problem quickly, they put it thru their custom shop, and really worked over the gun . When I got it back , it was the smoothest gun I had seen and was much better .... in every way... to say the least. I want them all go thru the custom shop now... sooooo smooth. When I called on some ammo questions they actually answered them ... no problem. When I called on the same ammo with other companies that use the same ammo, all they did was dance around and never answer the question.

    Had an issue with a Ruger, it was firing rounds without them being fully chambered. They could not figure out what caused the issue at all . They , like us, couldn't imagine the gun doing that .... but it did... and they saw that too. Their resolution ? To send it back and said "good luck" , which turned it immediately into a paper weight. Never bought a Ruger of any kind again.

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