How many boards are you people on?
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Thread: How many boards are you people on?

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    How many boards are you people on?

    I'm counting mine and it takes a long time to read them all. I'm on 16 related to firearms and ccw with some in my careers making it 23. How many are you on and how often do you get around to checking them. BTW this is my number 2 site
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    I have 3 main regular boards this one, a benchrest one and a tractor one. Typically I hit these every day or couple of days. I have several other boards I am a member of and use them for information and reference do post some but not much on them.

    I do not count my work stuff and if I have some free time at work I will check these out.
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    What do you think we have time to be on the computer all the time? Get a job you bum!!! Hmmmmm, let me see now, don't know if you were talking firearms in general, but I am on 3 firearm related forums. Usually check them out when I'm at work.....before work,breaks or at lunch. Not really on the weekends because I do the Family things. I know, right now it's Sunday and I'm on BUT I got a right now and feeling goooooood.
    See ya tomorrow some time.................
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  5. I''m on 10 myself.........

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    I'm on a bunch of them, all with the same user ID, pertaining to a lot of different subjects.

    For firearms related stuff, I'm on USA Carry, opticstalk and the most.

    Then there's guitars, mountain biking, diesel trucks, motorcycles, etc....
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    I'm wondering why you ask?

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    About three that I'm slightly active on. I also lurk on an AR-15 forum, just for the education.
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    Three for me that I frequent every day. Two for firearms and one for a BOINC Team.
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