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Thread: anybody reload their own buckshot?

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    Is making shotgun shells shorter a good idea? I'm not trying to be funny, just curious. I would think that any sort of modification to the length would drastically change the amount of powder that could be inserted, not to mention the size or weight of the wad to be used, and the integrity of the case to be properly crimped? As well, wouldn't the whole ensuing scenario be compromised? Or, am I missing something?
    Not really. Aguila Ammo makes a 1 1/2 shell. The only problem is they only reliably cycle in Winchester 1200 and 1300 shotguns which are no longer manufactured. They may work in the new Speedpumps. With Mossbergs and Remingtons you either need to modify the shotgun or be careful of how the firearm is held and the pump is cycled for the rounds to chamber properly.
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  3. Tried this way back when. Much easier than centerfire cartridges BUT with the cost of the equipment, lead or steel, other supplies PLUS fire / explosion risk possibly voiding your homewoners insurance: cheaper, faster and much better IMHO just to buy from your local or Internet supplier. Good luck!

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