How much extra ammo, if any, do you carry?
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Thread: How much extra ammo, if any, do you carry?

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    How much extra ammo, if any, do you carry?

    Just trying to get an idea of how much extra ammo you guys carry. I work as a security officer, and when I'm at work, in addition to the 15 +1 rounds I carry in my duty weapon (Glock 22), I also carry two additional magazines, for a total of 46 rounds. When I'm off duty, however, I don't carry any additional ammo besides what is in the gun. On the one hand, I don't want any LEOs to get the wrong idea about me if they see me carrying all this ammo, but on the other hand, I want to have it available in case I either get into a gunfight or experience a magazine failure. While carrying extra ammo isn't illegal here, our LEOs here (Lake County, IN) are also extremely anti gun and have been known to give people a hard time whose guns become accidentally exposed (although accidental exposure is not illegal here in Indiana).

    Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to get an answer on is what I should say to an LEO who wants to give me a hard time in case I do decide to carry extra ammo.
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    I usually have an extra mag on the left side. Amount depends on which gun I am carrying.

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    I carry 15+1 in my Steyr, and 1 extra mag of 15.

    If asked, I simply respond with the truth:

    If something should happen to the weapon--jam, double feed, etc--and after doing immediate action, I need to drop the mag in the weapon, I have the spare mag in my non-firing hand ready to load in. I see no reason to carry a lesser load in the 'spare' mag.
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    I use to only have the one in the gun, but after recent events I started carry my pouch with two spare mags for a total of 37 rounds.

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    I have at least 1 extra mag for all my pistols with as many or more rounds that are in my primary magazine. that would be really annoying if a leo frowned on the fact that a person carries extra mags just in case... I would rather have too many rounds than not enough.
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    I have one extra mag for my HK and also I carry a Glock 19 as my back up because a second gun is faster than a reload and is sure a lot faster than clearing a malfunciton on your first gun.
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    XD 9mm and one extra clip is my carry. After that I'll start throwing anything I can find and rely on up close and personal training if the need arises.

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    My primary carry is a Kimber Ultra Carry II which holds 7+1. So I also carry one extra mag on my left and an assisted open pocket knife in the left pocket. I like having the extra rounds but also to solve any malfunctions. In the 3 years I've carried there was once that I must have bummer it just right and the mag popped loose. If I would have had to draw and fire the mag would have hit the ground after the first round. Itís easier to go for an extra mag then fumble around trying to pick up the one that hit the ground.

    I also, at times, have my P3AT on my ankle.
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    Nothing extra for me. Just what is in the mag. and chamber. Depending where I go depends on what firearm I carry.
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  11. How much extra

    I was trained to carry two spare magazines, and with the SA XD-45, that gives me a total of 40 rounds of ammo. had a 'Laugh o fthe Week' recently that was captioned , "Don't carry too much ammo." It was a cartoon of a guy with his pants around his ankles. ROFLMAO. It reminded me of when I would compete in Combat competition, and guys would go to the line with about a dozen magazines for their 1911s on their belt. You just know they would never carry tha much ammo in real life.
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