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Thread: Food for thought...should I buy American?

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    The sad fact is with a vast majority of products if you want only to purchase American you are out of luck. Want a Boob tube? If you choose not to buy anything but American you will be watching a blank wall. How about a good pair of running shoes? For a long time New Balance was made in America but I am not even sure about them any more. As a matter of fact very little of the clothes we have are made here. How many cameras can you name that are American? Motor cycles? Harley makes some nice ones if you can afford them. Other than that you will most likely be getting one from Germany, Italy, England Japan etc.
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    Smith & Wesson's M&P line is quite nice and very comparable to the Glocks. I have an M&P 9c and love it. I also have an S&W 340PD, snub nose revolver chambered in .357, along with two 1911's, both from Smith & Wesson. I like my Walther PPK as well. With all that said.....I really love my Glock 30! Great shootin' gun with Hell and Back Reliability.

    The ultimate choice is yours.


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    Glocks are made right here in Georgia. They have many american employees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gdcleanfun View Post
    You can ask your grandfather, "Did you know that the Honda Accord was MADE IN THE USA?"

    Check it out here:
    The Honda Accord first rolled off American assembly lines in Marysville, Ohio, exactly 25 years ago on November 1, 1982. Though still considered a Japanese car, nearly 9 million made-in-the-USA Accords have rolled out of the Marysville plant, doing wonders for the local economy in the process.
    Yes - Honda and Toyota have not let the fact slide that most of their cars sold in the US are also assembled here. Often, it's more so the case that they're made here, than American cars are. That won't sway loyalists, though.

    I always buy the product that best fits my needs. As long as it isn't predominantly made somewhere that has egregious human rights abuses (China being the exception, because it's extraordinarily difficult to avoid), I don't have a problem buying imports of any kind. If a shirt says "Made in Myanmar", I'd avoid it, because I know some Burmese refugees.
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