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Thread: Standardizing on Calibres

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    Nothing standardized here! In fact I bought some brass, ammo and reloading dies for .444 Marlin at the flea market today. I'm now in the market for a Marlin Model 444 and/or a TC! :)
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    I have reduced my centerfire pistol calibers to 3:

    My rifle calibers are still up in the air, but I mostly just shoot 5.45x39 and 7.62x54R... and .357mag if you consider it a rifle cartridge when fired from a lever-gun.

    I see myself eventually giving up the various commie calibers for a single do-it-all 'battle rifle' or carbine in .308, such as an HK91 clone, or an AR10 clone, once the cost and availability of the russian surplus dries up.

    Just 12ga for the shotguns, of course.

    Sprinkle in some .22lr and that makes the sum of my common calibers 7 altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidM View Post
    I like to buy different calibers. It seems to be a good excuse to but a new gun. Like I don't have a 357 sig. I really need to get one of those. :)
    I've got a nice little bi-tone Sig P239 in that caliber on consignment at Hero-Gear in Winchester, TN...

  5. I have standardized on .45 with the exception of one Glock 27 in .40 S&W/.357 SIG. (Powerhouse in a small package!)

    I didn't set out to standardize, I just ended up with 6 handguns all in .45 because that's what I like to shoot and shoot the best.

    It does simplify things! :D

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    Iím not as standardized as some, but for pistols I have standardized on .45 ACP and 9mm with .22 LR conversion kits for practice. For rifles, I am up in the air right now. My large caliber is .308 while my small caliber is .22 LR. For a medium caliber I am trying to decide between .30 Carbine, .223/5.56 and 7.62x39. Just not sure which one to go with, they each have their attractions to me.

    Will I ever get down to just one caliber for handgun and one for rifle??? I doubt it, at least not unless the SHTF. Then I will standardize based on what is available in the ditches rather than what is in my safe.

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    I have .22,.38SP.9MM.357Mag,40CAL and 45.

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    that would be cool to do, have only one size bullet to share with all the same caliber in your gunsafe..but realistically, for me that aint gonna many neat choices out there to own so I know for a fact that I will have several boxes of different types of ammo..anything from 22 to 460mag
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    Different calibers. Should SHTF I should be able to scrounge something I can use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by revjen45 View Post
    Different calibers. Should SHTF I should be able to scrounge something I can use.

    I have 22lr, 380, 38spl, 9mm, 44mag, 45LC and 45acp (4) for handguns.

    22lr, 223, 7mm mag, 7.62X39, 308 and 44mag (lever) for rifle.

    Of course 12 ga. for shotgun. Plenty of ammo for most calibers, and enough calibers that I should be able to scrounge if the SHTF. It has taken time to acculmulate my collection but it gives me great pride to have such a nice quiver to choose from.


    spc :D
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  11. Good question. Right now I've just started my collection, with two handgun calibers and a rifle and shotgun. 12 ga. is an easy decision. The rifle is in .308 and if/when I get another rifle I'll probably stick to that. My handguns right now are .380 and .40. My next purchase was going to be a 1911 .45, but I'm seriously considering getting a 1911 .40 and staying there. I ran across the .40 kinda reluctantly. I was looking for a certain 9mm, but I found the same model in .40 for a steal of a price, so I went for it. I like it now that I have it, and can't really find any reason not to like it lol. The mag cap is better than the .45, and the bullet is bigger than a 9mm. :-)

    I guess the main con for standardizing was mentioned earlier: if the ammo sources around you become scarce, having multiple options allows you to keep at least one gun loaded. The main pro to standardizing is obvious: you only have to buy one type of ammo, and your weapons can interchange ammo. But, then again, whats the point of having a different gun if they all shoot the same ammo?

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