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Thread: Standardizing on Calibres

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    Should the SHTF that bad... I have more than enough ammo to 'aquire' another gun and associated ammo from those whom I am using it against.

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    Hey Molonlabetn, I would really love to acquire a Sig of any sort, but I am currently on a gun buying hiatus. It is very sad. :( . I appreciate you letting me know about it though. :) .My wife and I have obtained too many in the last few months. We still have to buy food for ourselves. You would think I could find a way to feed us without spending so much money. :D

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    I have a .40, and when I get my next one, it will more than likely be a .40 as well, just to keep the ammo purchases down a little bit. ($23.00 a box of 100 for Winchester 165 grain)

  5. Multiples in
    • 5.56 ;)
    • 9mm :D

    with a smattering of other calibers (.357, .44, .22, 12ga, 20ga)

    The two primaries are mostly based upon price and convenience. Hoping to add a .45acp to the collection soon.

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