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    IWB with Galco holster. Sometimes I carry in my center console or between the console and my seat.
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    Warthog goes in a SuperTuck or a SmartCarry, almost always. If it's cold enough for a jacket, It may get moved to the 5.11's liner holster.

    P3AT gets belt clipped for appendix carry, or a Nemesis pocket holster.

  4. How do you carry?

    I carry my SA XD-45 in a Blackhawk (Uncle Mike's) Kydex holster in the FBI position (just aft of centerline on strong side hip.) I have two magazines in the SA Kydex magazine holder, and if I feel I need more than that, I have my Firestar M-45 in a shoulder rig with one spare mag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    Depends on what you're wearing. If you have a pair of dark-colored shorts with zip pockets, a pocket holster will work fine with a very small pistol like a Kel-Tec or NAA. Just put the gun in some reliable plastic to keep the water out. This works well in the pool.
    This cracked me up, but I get the feeling you are very serious!?

    I have no pockets. Where would I HIDE it in MY bathing suit?

    Ummm... gotta keep it G-rated! No, I don't wear a bikini! lol

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    this has GOT to be one of the most asked questions on here and our sister sites. Along with what is the best concealed carry weapon?

    Anyway, I carried SOB at around the 5:00 position. Since my main carry weapon was a mid-sized CZ-40 (4.2" bbl.) the barrel overhung my spine/tailbone I may have to give that a bit more consideration as I am aging and have to admit that I have taken a few full falls in the last year or two. Something to consider....
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    I carry my LCP in a DeSantis Superfly pocket holster. Works great. I use an SOB holster for my SP101. It's comfortable and seems to settle in well in the seat without being uncomfortable if I leave it on in the car. In the car, I usually carry the SP101 in a car seat holster, so the gun is between my knees.

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    For me, since day one, OWB on my right hip. I don't deviate, because as SGT.SIG said muscle memory is what you are going to rely on during a fight. Train how to fight by how you INTEND to fight. Switching positions will only confuse you."now where did I put that thing?...oh wait... red shirt, brown vest= shoulder holster".
    I follow KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid, decide how you feel most comfortable carrying, and dress appropriately, even if that means some discomfort in your attire. Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch once said "A firearm is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable."

  9. My wife and I laugh about this all the time since she says my hlosters are like purses. match the outfit and the occasoin. I carry a Kahr PM9 I have a fobus for OWB in winter going out and not planning on taking my coat off. (usually wear a fleece vest in case I do) A Smart carry sometimes, but most of the time a Milt Sparks VM11. with tuck clips or with the regualr loops. That is the most comfortable holster I have ever owned. With my PM9 it is very concealable and rides very well no matter what I am doing. They are a long wait and many guys say the super tuck are just as good, but I really like my Sparks VM11.

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    I usually just carry a small frame 9 mm or 38 special in the right front pocket (in loose-fitting pants). I am starting to research some other ways to carry because the bulge is obvious. A lot of people look but never comment. Carrying is probably more common here than many places.

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    I just bought a leather vest with an inside pocket on either side. has a piece of elastic inside the pocket the barrel slides through so it's always butt first and can't move around inside the pocket. I can put a 1911 on one side and a S&W .40 on the other without any buldge. also have a chain that snaps on the vest snaps to keep it from blowing open or moving around, yet the pistols are within a microseconds reach. the pocket can be left open or snapped closed.even open you cant see the pistols. keeping both pockets loaded wont interfere with the use of the outside pockets either.
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