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Thread: Best Conceal & Carry Revolver?

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    I carry either a S&W 442, or a charter arms bulldog DAO in .44 special. Loaded with corbon 165 jhp expansion is 2X. Recoil is not an issue in this load.

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    My carry gun (95% of the time) is a titanium S&W model 642 in 38 SPL +P. Having no hammer, it comes out of my pocket or any holster configuration with ease. As someone else said above, you can fire it from inside your jacket without worrying about the hammer.

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    Hands down the best concealed carry revolver is the Taurus 608 with 4"barrel. 8 shot's of 357 magnum for under $500.00

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    Wow, a two year old thread. I'll play Charter Arms Bulldog Pug with 200 gr. HP's.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    Wow, a two year old thread. I'll play Charter Arms Bulldog Pug with 200 gr. HP's.
    Me, too... Charter Arms Bulldog with 165 grain Corbon JHP's. A simple Blackhawk 0 IWB holster slips it tight against the side of my slightly ample belly with virtually no printing...

  7. Like boatman98,
    I carry my Ruger Speed Six with 2/3/4" barrel, .357 mag, the old Rugers are the best of the lot in my opinion:)

  8. I love my "Lady" in .357

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    preferred revolver

    #1 A "hammerless" DAO revolver is the best. Can't snag on clothes, and easier to defend in court.
    More than 5 rounds is considered a "fire fight", not self defense. If you face multiple assailants, TIME will not permit your firing more than 5 rounds anyway. You probably will be a loser.

    #2 Some ammo manufacturers are making specific ammo for 2" barrels.

    An eyeball hit with a 22 is better than a miss with a 44 magnum.

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    Hot ammo, too hard to shoot?

    Even Dirty Harry said he carried "light specials for better control."

    even though he used a "44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world."


    Have you ever shot 180 grain specials at 850 fps in a 6" S&W 29?

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