Best Conceal & Carry Revolver?
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Thread: Best Conceal & Carry Revolver?

  1. Best Conceal & Carry Revolver?

    Hello all. I'm a fan of the "wheel gun" and my permit is being processed. In the meantime, I am looking for advice on the best revolver for C & C. I have a Taurus 617, 7 shot, .357, 2" barrel but the gun has issues. The cylinder can be pulled completely off the frame and it needs to be shipped back to Taurus. This is the second Taurus with problems I have had so I'm looking to another make ( S & W, Ruger. etc ). Preferably hammerless as well....Thanks.

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    IMHO it would be one of the air weight S&W revolvers with out a hammer. Either in 38 special or if you want a little more punch the 357 mag. Thy are small, light weight and if necessary can even be shot from inside a coat because of the lack of a hammer.
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    Welcome to USA Carry Montana! Sorry to hear about the issues with the Taurus'. I lean towards S&W with revolvers, but that is just my opinion. I also like the colt cobra, but that has a hammer. I don't even think they make those any more, didn't bother to look. Ruger also makes some decent revolvers. Any reason why you are leaning towards a revolver over a semi-auto? Just curious. I like revolvers because I feel they are more reliable. I do love my SIG P220 though, so I can't really talk. Best of luck!
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    I still like the old Ruger security six. 6 shot 357mag w2 3/4" barrel. I like it so much, I tracked one down recently
    and bought it. I had sold one some time ago and always regretted it.
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    I like the S&W J frames, or an Airlight K frame.
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    My avatar is my choice. S&W 642. Its reliable, lightweight and the DAO trigger is safe for any type of carry. I often carry mine in a soft IWB holster with the clip removed in cavalry style. IWB behind the kidney with the grip pointing forward. The DAO trigger is difficult at first but with practice one can become quite accurate.

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    First of all, welcome to USA Carry, Montana250.

    To answer your question, if money is not a factor, any Smith and Wesson j or K frame should work.
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  9. Montana

    I have been a CCW holder since it started here in Ohio(2004), and like alot of us I've tried every conceivable gun and rig. finally settled on two S&W lightweight J-frames(one hammerless) which I carry IWB or on the stretch T-shirt depending on the weather.And of course when you carry lightweight guns its absolutely mandatory that you have CT laser grips so your first and maybe only shot will be dead on. The laser grips make up in accuracy what the lightwdight short barrel take away. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montana250 View Post
    I have a Taurus 617, 7 shot, .357, 2" barrel but the gun has issues. The cylinder can be pulled completely off the frame and it needs to be shipped back to Taurus.
    Sounds like you have lost the Yoke Retaining Pin Spring and pin that holds the Yoke in place. Here is a breakdown that shows what is missing. If they are missing call Taurus and they will send you a spring and pin.
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    Welcome, Montana!

    I own a Smith & Wesson M&P 340 CT revolver with a Crimson Trace laser grip and a Trijicon Tritium front sight. It has a scandium frame with a titanium cylinder, and it is very light. I use an IWB holster in the winter, and a Desantis pocket holster in the summer. In the warm weather I usually carry .38's, while in the winter I load it with .357 magnum for better heavy clothing penetration.

    It is not bad with the .38's, but the .357's are brutal. Like NRA pointed out, I think that the crimson trace laser grips are almost mandatory. I know a guy with a 340, same model, with no CT. We both tried some fast draw exercises with both guns, and we both did consistently better with the CT grips. Long story short, he ended up buying the grips.

    Here is the web link:

    Happy shooting!
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