State residency and effects on CCW
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Thread: State residency and effects on CCW

  1. State residency and effects on CCW

    I'm currently a resident in the state of Florida and have a resident CCW. I may be required to temporarily establish residence in another state for the purpose of obtaining my CDL. I called the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services to ask if doing so would invalidate my resident license. The person who I spoke to on the phone said that as long as I don't change my Florida resident address/mailing address that there is nothing that I need to do, and that my license will remain valid. Is there anyone else who has done anything similar who can advise on this? I don't want to carry in another state or return home to my own to find out that my CCW is no longer valid, and that I've been in violation of the law the entire time. Let alone to have to reapply for a new license.

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    What exactly is your problem? The state of Florida has a non-resident Concealed Weapon License as well. It is my understanding that once you are no longer a resident of Florida, you just change your address on your existing Concealed Weapon License to your new out-of-state address. You need to understand what the residency requirement for the Florida Concealed Weapon License is. See

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