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    In the market for a SA/DA but, have a budget. I really want a SIG but for now that will have to wait because I do not have a grand. I really never thought much of the Beretta's but I am giving them a second look. Shot the FS92 and loved the way it handled and shot but, I was looking around for price and who has them and came across the M9A1 which I like even more looks wise. I never shot it but, was told basically same gun just has the accessory rail and has a squared off trigger guard. Comments recommendations welcome. I know you SIG guys will say wait and get the SIG but, with the upcoming election who knows how much longer we will have the right to bear arms or if Hillary doesn't get her way ban wise she's already said she want's to put a gun tax in at 25% so, waiting is not an option for me. Hopfully Trump gets in and he keeps his word because I still do not trust him but he's is the only option. Thanks

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    Your argument doesn't make much sense. You will be able to buy a Beretta 92FS or a SIG handgun for the current price for at least 6 months, likely significantly longer. In contrast, the AR/AK buying panic has already started and will continue.

    You certainly can believe that Hillary wants to institute a 25% gun tax, despite the fact it would be unconstitutional and would require a long drawn-out legislative and legal process that would likely take years. Reinstating the original or an extended assault weapons ban is more likely and would be faster to enact.

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    Have you looked at the Ruger P89? A couple hundred less than the 92FS,

    very beefy and accurate. That would put you a couple weeks closer to that


    I like the 92FS, though. The 92A1 has the swept trigger-guard, removable front

    sight, captured return spring, recoil absorber,and the 1913 accessory rail. Plus it comes

    with three 17 round mags in the box.

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