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    I would second the Taurus. I own 3 and they all are very accurate, totally dependable, simple to operate and disassemble, and best of all, inexpensive. Look at the 24/7OSS for a full size, standard 24/7 for a mid size and Millennium Pro for a sub compact. Try 'em I think you'll like 'em.

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    Check the Bersa Thunder .45 and .40 for a top-notch budegt piece.

    In the XD lineup you should look at the XD/M .40 as well as the .45 standard (there's a video on the masthead of the website of the M).
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    go to the range and try out everything.its kinda lie chevy vs ford vs etc

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    This is a choice he needs to make on his own. He should either go to a gun store or a range that rents out guns and make his decision based on his own preferences in looks, shootability, and feel, among other things.
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    I appreciate the responses so far. Theyare a help. I may add though that I believe the 1911 style w/ the larger hammer on the back would be out. I think he may be on the same line of thought as to why I like the smoothe back of the Glocks & XD's. The USP has a minimal hammer on the back, so something like that is acceptable. I unerstand trying first is a great way to go. That will probably be in the mix when we get to the store and are actually able to feel. But at least for now the suggestions always help to know what is available and preferred and why. Thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gvaldeg1 View Post
    There have been many excellent suggestions made here. I'd like to throw the Para Warthog 45 into the mix. This is a high quality 10+1 round 45 that only weighs 24 ounces and is small enough for concealed carry. Most 45's of 1911 size or similar are really just too big and heavy for concealed carry. I have a 1911 clone so I know from experience when I say this. The Warthog is about the same weight as my polymer-framed Taurus PT-140SSP Mil Pro (40 S&W) and physically smaller. If I get another 45 ACP, this will be the one.
    My EDC is a Warthog. It's an easy to conceal, easy to carry gun. My earlier post was based on the OP's request for opinions between two specific platforms.

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    I love my Glock 30. It shoots as well (and some days better) than my Sig P220. If he likes a thinner gun the Glock 36 might be a good candidate. Really he needs to handle and shoot the guns to see what suits him.

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  9. I like my glocks. both the 21sf and the 30sf. I shoot the 21 better, but i like the smaller size of the 30.

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