Has anyone ever used a green laser sight?
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Thread: Has anyone ever used a green laser sight?

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    Has anyone ever used a green laser sight?

    While I won't say that I'm making this a New Year's resolution, but I've heard about a couple of green dot laser sights and thought that it would definitely be cool to have one. Don't get me wrong, I know that a laser sight is no substitution for practice, but I checked out a couple of the green laser sights on Cheaperthandirt.com and I so want one. Have any of you guys ever had one?
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    My friend has the Uni Green Laser Sight Green Laser Gun Sight. We put it on his HK USP and his AR. I shot it at the range with the HK. I needed some more time to sight it in but it was pretty neat. I want to get a hold of it for a week or so to do a review on it.

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    Sorry I can't answer your question about the green laser light. Viridian has what appears to be a nice set up that uses a green laser. Now I don't know much about them other than what I see on their website. I agree that a laser is no substitute for practice. I will be teaching my wife how to shoot a pistol here very soon but I will definitely have a laser on her pistol. It's not that I don't want her to know how to shoot with out the laser but if she is ever comfronted and needs to protect herself the laser will provide her with an extra layer of insulation if she has to shoot. When seconds count.....

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    The green wavelength supposedly goes farther than red - but red probably stands out better. I'm not sure how that would translate into a difference, tactically speaking. Red lasers might take less battery power. Maybe a green laser would remain visible over a longer distance - which might make it better for rifles.
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    I've used a green laser on both handguns and rifles. I've found the green dot to be more visible at a distance. I don't use any laser sights for my defensive firearms, but have a green laser on my hunting rifle for close up shots. I missed a fairly large deer a couple of years ago. The deer was only 10 feet away. Since installing the laser, I haven't missed those "easy" shots.

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