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Thread: waiting period

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    waiting period

    is the waiting time the same for all states? I been waiting for my gun for 2 weeks now.

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    wow,that is insane. there is no wait at all in my state.

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    Are you waiting on the background check or receipt of the weapon? We don't have a waiting period in SC for receipt but if there is a problem with the background check it could take a few days. I was under the impression their was a time limit for completing the check. Have you called the dealer to find out what the problem is?
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    waiting for the background check.I filled out the paperwork on the 23rd. I check with them on the 2nd and was told nobody called yet so I had to wait longer. I heard of dealers not being called back for a month. hopefully I won't have to wait that long

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    No waiting in Nevada. Buy it, take it home after a phone call.

  7. Same here in Ohio pick out your gun. Thay call it in. If you are OK you take it home with you.
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    my first gun when I was in Kansas they never called back so I took it after the 3rd day. here it seems to be different.if I wait longer than a month I should get my $$ back. if I get delayed every time I buy it's gonna get frustrating. hopefully my CWP doesen't take longer than a couple weeks. I bought this one in ohio.
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    Where are you located? Even in crazy Kalifornia the wait is only 11 Days (technically 10 days to the minute but to avoid problems stores make it 11 days). In Idaho, it's a phone call or show your carry permit and walk out with the gun (assuming you're not a prohibited person).

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  10. Just where did you go in Ohio, I have never had that happen to me. Take the gun home with me that day.
    Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant'
    is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist '.

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    I live in cincinnati. maybe it's my sealed record, but the app said to answer the felony question as if the felony doesen't exist. I cant see how this would cause a long delay. the court says they shouldn't have it on record. I was also told after the 1st delay the other checks should go right thru. somebody lied to me.

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