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  2. I have not heard of When I purchased the pistol I knew what I wanted and was able to find it on the one local listing sight that I know of where I live. The sporting rifle was on sale at the time, and while I could have purchased from a private seller most of them mark the price up tremendously for stupid things like changing out the rails or grip and asking 3-5 hundred over what its worth. the browning I picked up well I had an idea of what I wanted but was not prepared for how much more I would like it in person.
    Buying from an FFL is one of 2 resources i am aware of. if i cant find it locally then FFL is the only way i know of.

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    First Congratulations on your pardon, do not listen to anyone that says it's okay to break the law, you know from experience what that gets you. Some states like Oregon outlaw private sales without going to a FFL paying a transfer fee and a background check fee and actually doing the BG check. I do agree that is wrong, but it is the law.

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