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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bofh View Post
    That sucks.

    How is this being investigated now, if at all? The manufacturer filed the ATF form 3310.6, which lands in a big pile at the ATF and the firearm gets, at some point, entered into the stolen firearms database. Have you heard anything from the ATF? Is the local PD involved at all? Have you received a case number from the local PD? The ATF is pretty lethargic in investigating "small crimes", like this one.
    Nothing from the ATF ,nothing from Fed-X.
    Local L.E. is involved and I have a case number but nothing yet.

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  4. The story of Fed-X and my stolen firearm.

  5. Latest from Fed-X

    "FedEx I am sorry, I show the claims department stated the shipper did not send this as a Hazardous Materials, and denied the claim"

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    I absolutely refuse to have a farcebook account, but I was able to view that link and FedEx's responses.... or actually FedEx's stall tactics.

    Now they want to claim the shipper did not ship it as a "hazardous material" (which it is not, and it does not present any hazard, as it does not present any explosive, chemical, flammable or bio-hazard threats).
    Stay on their butt Ken

    Looking through FedEx's "hazardous material" guide (150 pages), searching on "firearm" = zero matches. Ammo does require shipping as hazardous material, but not gun which are just metal, wood or plastics, just like a coffee maker.
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  7. Now Fed-X is saying I need to deal with the shipper even though Fed-X is the ones who stole it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by XD40scinNC View Post
    I absolutely refuse to have a farcebook account, but I was able to view that link and FedEx's responses.... or actually FedEx's stall tactics.
    I refuse to have one as well so I am using my wife's.

    Kinda handy for spreading the word though

  9. Latest from Fed-X

    "It was not stolen. It was misdelivered and unable to be retrieved."

    It is funny , ATF and L.E. thinks it was stolen

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    Maybe Fed-X means it wasn't stolen by them but by the person who signed for the delivery? That is, the Fed-X delivery person didn't know it was not the gun owner who signed for it but the signer knew it that the gun didn't belong to him and forged the signature.

  11. Here's the deal with UPS, FEDEX and the US Post Office when a package is lost or stolen. It's not the recipient that files the claim with the carrier. It is the shipper. Mr. ken grant should report the missing firearm to the ATF and local police, but everything else regarding the claim of the missing package needs to be handled by the shipper - not by Mr. ken grant. For example, if you want to sue someone for the value of the missing item, you have to sue the shipper, if required. The shipper will then sue the carrier. The recipient carries no weight with the carrier, because it isn't the recipient that paid the carrier for the service. Even if the recipient pays the shipper a shipping and handling charge - it is still the shipper that paid the carrier and the shipper that should have the receipt from the carrier for the package. Mr. ken grant is simply dealing with the wrong company. He needs to deal with the shipper that tendered the package to FEDEX, not FEDEX.

    The title of this thread is "any advice". My advice is quit trying to get FEDEX to do anything about it. Deal with the shipper only and let them deal with FEDEX.
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