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    Quote Originally Posted by ricbak View Post
    Detroit Free Press tonight is reporting:
    Woman killed, 2-year-old girl injured in drive-by shooting | Freep.com | Detroit Free Press

    January 11, 2009

    Woman killed, 2-year-old girl injured in drive-by shooting

    By Melanie D. Scott
    Free Press Staff WriterA 26-year-old Detroit woman was killed late tonight after the car she was driving was riddled with bullets. The woman's 2-year-old daughter was severely injured in the shooting.

    According to Free Press reporting partner WDIV-TV Local 4, the woman was in her car with four passengers. A male passenger was injured, but ran from the car with the 2-year-old to a nearby gas station to call for help.

    The girl was taken to Children's Hospital, but the status of her condition was not released by police. The girl was shot in her arm, leg and back.
    Witnesses told police the suspect was driving a black car, possibly a Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable. Detroit Police are still investigating and said they do not have a motive for the shooting.

    Not sure if carrying would have saved this woman and her girl, but what we do know is that gun control did not stop it. When has it ever?
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Not sure if carrying would have saved this woman and her girl, but what we do know is that gun control did not stop it. When has it ever?
    Carrying probably wouldn't have, but maintaining an awareness of one's surroundings (which goes along with carrying) and an awareness of firearms ballistics may have. The details of this case aren't available, but in general people tend to "get down" when they hear gunshots, even when in vehicles, because that's what they see on TV and movies. Of course, even 9mm FMJ rounds have no trouble penetrating most vehicle doors, so that tactic is only effective at making oneself a smaller target.

    Realistically, the driver has a better chance at saving themselves and the occupants of the car by anticipating a threat and responding by hitting the gas or using the steering wheel to at least change the position of the car to disrupt the shooter's aim. Think about the ease of rolling down a window and shooting people hunkering down in their seats, versus the difficulty of firing accurately at a car making a rapid U-turn or suddenly taking off in a direction that puts the occupants of your own vehicle in the line of fire.

    This type of evasive action needs to be a split-second reflex, just like making the decision to draw in a situation where you realize your life is in danger. Even running up on a curb and taking out a fence, if necessary, may mean the difference between life and death.
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

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    I would add one thing....

    In addition to the excellent points made by Toreshka (I now think of most things like car doors, house doors, interior walls, etc. in terms of concealment, not cover), I would also posit that perhaps a little situational awareness of her passengers might have helped. While it might have been random, I think that there is a better chance that either the mother or one of her passengers was somehow involved in some type of gang activity. If I were her, my child would not have shared a car, yard, porch, or house with a "gang-banger" father/boyfriend/uncle. I hope the child recovers and is placed in a good home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomboy007 View Post
    I guess that they had better put more restrictive gun laws in place; these gang members don't seem to be paying attention to the current laws!

    P.S. For those of you "satire challenged", that is sarcasm.

    Maybe they should create some type of "gang banger licensing" program. They all need to be licensed so the government will have an easier time distinguishing between the "legal" gang bangers and the "illegal" ones.

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