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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Tony111964 View Post
    Does everyone have any opinions on alien gear holsters
    K so I'm late replying:
    AG holsters are well made with good materials. BUT for me, toooo big a pain to put on. I tossed mine (for a 1911) after wearing it for a 3 week test period. Wish I'd have returned it but...
    Apparently there's a lot of people who use AG tho, else they'd be out of business. Probably just a personal preference thing.

    If you buy one, test it for 2-3 days and if it doesn't work for u then return it..


  3. Iíve heard nothing but good things about alien gear. Iím looking into getting one myself for my Glock 22

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    I choose a Bianchi clip on holster for solid retention, comfort, and versatility to carry my 1911 Colt Defender.
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  5. I don't have experience with Alien Gear. But my buddy John does:

  6. Has anyone tried to carry a pt92 in one?

  7. Is anyone carrying to pt92? And how do you like it?

  8. I use a IWB alien gear holster for my Concealed carry, and it's the best. Great for not printing. Fully ajustable for height and can't.

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  9. I have used 4 in my entire lifetime and the most recent one, the VersaCarry holster has been the best so far. it really does not disappoint with its sturdy leather.

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    I have several Versacarry too and they are pretty good as OWB Slide type holsters, the muzzle and most of the barrel hang exposed, but most of the frame and all of the trigger are protected.
    I have also gotten a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster for my Springfield 911 380 and really like it.
    My wife bought a DeSantis Criss Cross for her G-42 and she loves the comfort and fast presentation.so she bought a DeSantis Sky Cop for her G-17. I have a Gen 4 G-19 coming, I never like the Glock Compact frame and neither did she, but I bet that Sky Cop will be in use with that said G-19 soon enough, she's a Glock Girl.
    I have added some High Noon pocket holsters for my Colt Detective Specials should I ever want to carry one. They work and were on sale.

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