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Thread: Anti gun editorial in my hometown paper today

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    Because I've been so busy the past couple of days, it's taken me longer than it normally would to respond to this editorial. I hope to be finished with it today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by surfcc View Post
    The fact that the author of the editorial had to inject race is most unfortunate. The black community has been lied to for years and denied their basic right to self defense by their own black leaders and the liberals who want to continue to hold them down. Law abiding citizens deserve the right to defend themselves......No matter what color their skin! We need to inundate the author of this editorial and let 'em know how we are offended by his racist remarks!

    As on who on occasion teaches communication workshops that is known as the lack of substance ploy - I don't have a valid argument so I bring in a side issue that will take attention off of me and put it on the bad traits (not bad argument) of the other. With that said how about not the "black man grabbing the white man's guns" but the "liberal man" or the government can do it all man, or even the we want to take away your rights man. I have no problem with his color, he could be plaid for all I can, but he stands for many of the things I don't, has solutions I don't think will work and proposes strategies that will put out country more at risk from terrorists. All of that has nothing to do with race. This was one of my biggest fears when he threw his hat into the ring, the level playing field goes away. Gotta admit though, he should get the man of the year award for the gun dealers of america, he sure has helped guns sales, class enrollement and gun ownership in general. The ammo industry isn't doing too bad either.
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