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  1. Hey guys

    I'm new here and looking for advice on carrying and other info related to it. I'm from Texas so howdy.

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    Howdy from Houston. Where are you from?

  4. I'm from Abilene but now live in Houston as well.

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    Already have your LTC?

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    Welcome to USACarry, from the swamp north of The Swamp.

    Get your concealed carry permit, it's well worth it. Ask around to your friends,

    and try their guns. See what is convenient for you to carry. Get a decent quality

    belt and holster, well worth the money. Try to rent or shoot any gun you are considering,

    before you buy it. Some folks prefer to carry full-size, others want something smaller,

    it's all personal. I prefer something lighter, but bulk isn't that much of an issue.

  7. Good gun to carry is Ruger LC9, it's what I carry small & accurate , 7 in the mag, 1 in the chamber,external safety on. You don't even know you are carrying it

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    It does depend a great deal on your training and experience, Ross A has a Houston link for training that seems professional and reasonable, just from looking at the Website, no experience with them. If you are married you would be well off to get your spouse involved too. I guess there are a number of guns depending on what or how you think you will use it. For concealed carry a smaller gun would normally be used, You could use a very small North American Arms 22 Magnum is a five shot single action revolver, but it is difficult to aim well, hard to shoot rapidly and very slow to reload. It is lethal. The next and a lot better choice is a Kel Tec P-32, a seven +one capacity, quick reloads with a spare magazine, softer shooting than 380 rounds and with Underwood 'Cavitator' ammunition it is likely powerful enough. Dependable. Moving up to 380 there are a ton of choices. Small but snappy Kel Tec P-3AT (same size as P-32, but one round less) or similar Ruger LCP, bigger 380 but softer shooting is the Glock 42, 6+1. Three pocket nine millimeters on my list would be the Ruger LC9s (I like the Pro version as it has no external safety) 7+1. Glock 43 is a little bigger, 6+1 and the XDS 9, easy to shoot great sights standard, 7+1. The XDS also comes in 40 S&W and 45 ACP. My 45 XDS is easy enough to shoot, accurate, so is the 9. If you just wanted home defense, then a full handgun of better a long gun like a AR or shotgun.

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    Howdy !!

    Houston -- the big city -- lso one of the top crime cities in the USA.

    I have been there a few times while travelling back and forth to the Mexican resorts in the Caribbean.

    Got laid over there for a few days due to storms and drove around checking the place out.

    Did not have my pistol with me though so I felt particularly naked without it.

    You can pack about any pistol all the way up to a 45ACP if you go IWB. Then your trousers conceal the lower half of the gun while your sweatshirt or sweater and/or jacket conceal the top.

    There is not much difference between a 45ACP and a 9x19 in the JHP cartridges. So either one is a good choice.

    A mouse gun is not a good choice. And a Desert Eagle 44 mag is also not a good choice. These are the opposite ends of excess -- one is too small and the other is too big.

    Try out several different kinds and see what you like most.

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