Go Grandma! Pistol Packing 70 year old Confronts Intruder
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Thread: Go Grandma! Pistol Packing 70 year old Confronts Intruder

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    Go Grandma! Pistol Packing 70 year old Confronts Intruder

    Check this grandma out! Love her 911 call.

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    Well, dang, the news got it right this time, showing what is right with the world!

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    Hooray for granny! Wondering what the Brady bunch has to say about this?
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Granny got it right. Fox News got it right. I think I'll send Fox & Friends some of those stories from EVERY issue of an NRA magazine, so they'll know this wasn't a one time incident.

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    My grandmother is about 65 and carries a Taurus .38 revolver. She says it has quite a kick to her but she can shoot straight, and that's what matters.
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    There was an article in SWAT magazine a couple months back called don't mess with the old guy. Guess we can add gal also.
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    ...And NO shots were fired!!! This grandma actually thought how bad it would be for the guy's mother if she found out her son had been shot. Yet she said that she would have pulled the trigger if he tried anything. Go grandma! (What am I saying? I'm 62 years old myself, and have 6 grandkids!)

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    Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny Go
    "It was worth it all, for the Great Warrior"

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