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    Can anyone tell me if it is against new York state or federal laws to carry a concealed weapon into a bar? (providing you are properly licensed)

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    Can anyone tell me if it is against new York state or federal laws to carry a concealed weapon into a bar? (providing you are properly licensed)
    There is no federal law prohibiting such activity. I can not find any NY state law prohibiting such activity either, assuming that the person has the proper carry permit. It is my understanding that local counties and municipalities may prohibit such activity. Also, the establishment may be posted.

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    Generally as a rule most states have a rule stated that you may carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol provided you stay on the dining side an you're not consuming. Also stated on the flip side that you cannot enter a establishment that it's primary business operates as a bar that serves food.

  5. #4 is a great resource for handgun-related laws for individual states ( According to their New York link, you can carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. Without reading the specific law, I'm not sure about stand-alone bars. Hope this helps.

  6. If you have a NY State pistol license with a carry endorsement you may consume alcoholic beverages in any establishment, unless it is prohibited by the establishment. That goes for OOS HR-218 certified persons. Certain large commercial venues do not permit entry even for off-duty Police & Peace officers of NY state or any other state. Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center & a few others have metal detectors & enforce it, although it is waived on a cas-by-case basis. Don't go to the 9-11 memorial, unless you want to walk a few blocks to check your firearm at the PAPD base. The Empire State bldg is also pretty much a no-go either. Not sure about the Chrysler or Pam Am bldgs.

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    It's just a bad idea to mix alcohol with guns - unless you want your Margarita to taste like Hoppes #9!
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    If you are a resident of NY, and have a NY permit, you should know this.

    If you are not a resident of NY, you can't carry anywhere in NY.
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