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Over the years I have gained appreciation for the various gun safety rules, and ultimately I have come up with several lists of my own.

I now divide these into smaller lists covering first firearms handling, then firearms shooting, and finally range safety rules.

Shorter lists are easier to remember.

My first list consisting of firearms safe handling rules are these things:

1 - Never point a firearm at anything or anyone that you don't intend to kill, whether loaded or unloaded.

2 - Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot, whether loaded or unloaded.

3 - Keep your handgun in its holster except to shoot it or to clean it.

4 - When you handle any firearm first check to make sure it is unloaded even if someone else already checked it.

5 - Always treat all firearms as if they are loaded, whether they are loaded or not.

Then there are 5 more rules for shooting a firearm:

1 - Always consider everything around, in front of, and behind your target before touching the trigger.

2 - Change the angle of your shot by kneeling or moving if you must to avoid collateral damage behind your target before shooting.

3 - Squeeze the trigger not jerk it while holding the front site blade on target.

4 - Keep aiming after the shot.

5 - Scan the area for accomplices after taking down the main opponent.

Most shooting ranges have their list of rules posted. There are several versions of these, and rules for indoor ranges are different than at outdoor ranges. Two rules apply to all ranges however:

1 - Eye and ear protection is always required.

2 - Be aware of the other shooters and observe them carefully before you start shooting and be aware of their bad habits.

3 - Move to a different shooting station if it is warranted for better safety.
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