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Thread: How many people sleep with their guns?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by corneileous View Post
    I don't think you have enough ammo, there....🤣
    Lol I was trying to figure what a three pound guns like when carrying a box and a half of shells in it lmfao...

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    Quote Originally Posted by corneileous View Post
    With that many rounds, bound to hit somethin'
    Did you catch the part where this is in a motel? Yup, he'll hit somethin'. The people in the next room. The folks down stairs. His wife.

    I'm curious what's going to happen when he goes to sit up and slams that extended magazine into something and unseats it or otherwise screws it up and gets a misfeed
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  4. I have several beside guns. One which is usually just hanging off the bed headboard and ready for quick access. As well as a small gun safe on the end table next to the bed with a few more choices. Also in truth I usually wind up sleeping down on the couch in the living room alot so I mounted a speed vault to the side of that

  5. Interesting conversations all.

    My $0.02 : My primary weapon lives in an IWB which which means it's on the floor on my side of the bed at night.

    I gotta wonder about those who are vigilant about their wife and concerned about her using the gun against them. If I didn't trust my wife enough to not worry about her shooting me, we'd not be husband and wife!

    For you single men, I don't have input since I've been married almost my entire adult life. I'd definitely not want to try dating nowadays. People are frigging crazy!

    Am also remembering when I was a boy. My dad worked nights. My mother had a loaded shotgun leaned against the wall by her bed, as did I. Dad told me if anyone broke in to aim at their guts.

    Of course that was in an era when as a 3rd grader I got up early to rabbit hunt, and if I didn't get any I'd lean my gun against a tree or our barn, walk across the fields to school, and grab the gun on the way home. Came in handy for snakes too :)

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    I did in 1968 & 69,but not now!
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