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Thread: Looking for a decent pistol safe.

  1. Besides whether or not you are comfortable with trusting electronics when it comes to defending yourself or family, defending against a burglar is different all together. The one experience I personally have is that they will turn everything upside down. I found things from one end of the home in rooms on the opposite side and everything left was just in piles. While hiding things seems like it can work in some instances, I doubt it would have for mine.

    Time, is the one thing that you can control at least a little bit by purchasing better quality when it comes to safes, lock boxes, etc. This along with alarms, dogs, lighting, cameras all help to secure your valuables and reduce the time a burglar has.

    Most lock boxes, for example will keep your kids hands off your gun as they usually won't mark up or destroy them trying to crack the code. A burglar, especially with a little time on his hands, will destroy just about anything. Buy something that has a heavy construction so it is not easily destroyed and bolt it down if possible to something solid. Concrete floor or even the wall studs would be more secure than a cable, but really anything to deter them might help.

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    The burglar that invaded my home had a crowbar with him, so you can expect that anything that can be pried apart with a crowbar will be broken into. And wire/cable cutters are not hard to carry in a pocket too.

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    But I guess in all actuality, when I'm at home, I really don't need a biometric safe to keep my bedside gun secured in, even as I sleep because while I'm at home, my gun can be left out in the open on the headboard. It's when I leave is when I want it secured. A big, upright gun safe would probably be better bet but I don't plan on ever owning that many guns or ammunition to justify the nearly thousand bucks in price for one of them big, honkin' things.
    Shortly after I retired in 2009, I found a two-key or key+keypad Winchester gun safe on sale at Walmart for $35. These days, you can find similar ones for around $50.

    Even though it has a keypad, I wouldn't call it "quick access." When I'm gone, my firearm is either with me (usually) or in the safe. When I'm home, my firearm is either near me (usually), or when company is over, in the safe.

    I found a couple of models for you:

    One similar to the one you have pictured ($123)

    One that looks nifty enough I might buy it myself ($80)

  5. Looking for a decent pistol safe.

    I have mine in the wall behind my master bedroom door Looking for a decent pistol safe.-img_1600982492.301919.jpg


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