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  1. She must be a yankee liberal who voted for Obummer.

  3. yeah, i would like one of those.

    in Kali EVERYTHING that resembles a firearm is "scary"

  4. Give her a break! She was just reacting to the photo showing rounds in very close proximity to the handgun, and--it's a known fact--everyone knows that "bullets" can get into the handgun (they can crawl in) and then (oh my gosh)the gun could just, like, go OFF!

    Insensitive of you to not know how much you were scaring her.....

  5. People have been taught by Hollywood, and also believe out of their own ignorance that guns are dangerous! It stems from the belief that all guns are intrinsically evil, however some guns have also saved lives so not even that philosophy is fact based. The truth is bad people do bad things with cars, bats, knives, and yes guns or anything for that manner. Your co-worker obviously has a criminal mind or a very small one.

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